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A Lovely Reunion

Today we took Sage to the hospital to visit these very special people and give them their very long-awaited 'thank you' gifts.
Dr Foote, our obstetrician who so gently cared for us throughout my pregnancy and Marie, our midwife who so tenderly and loving guided us with Sage's arrival.
For the roles that both of these incredible people played during the most meaningful phase of our lives, we will be forever grateful.


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Sage choosing books to borrow with her very first library card




Right now would be the perfect opportunity to indulge in today's topic of 'down' for Photo a Day, August.

After many, many anxious weeks, today I received the phone call that I have been dreading, but knew in my gut was coming...

Today was the day we discovered that none of the data on our failed hard drive could be recovered.

Not one. single. file.

Even as I type this, I feel so sick that I could vomit, knowing what we have lost.

It would be so easy to cry endless tears
It would be so easy to question "why us?"
It would be so easy to place blame
It would be so easy to ponder the "if only's"

Typically, when faced with news such as this, I would go through all of these phases of easiness but as gut wrenching as today's news has been, instead I chose to be thankful. 

Why dwell when no good will come of it?

And to be honest... dwelling just makes it hurt even more.

I am grateful we have a healthy, happy little girl
a loving, strong relationship
clothes on our backs
shelter for warmth
and food in our bellies

These alone are features of life that I would usually take so greatly for granted, but today I forced myself to remember that they are more than some people will ever have, or experience in an entire lifetime.

We have our precious little blue-eyed delight to create insurmountable memories with over the coming years and for that I am so very, very thankful.

and these are the very memories that I will back up beyond belief!



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Before I became a Mumma, I used to form images in my mind of scenes that truly encapsulate motherhood.

One of them was always a child grasping and pulling at her mother's leg, desperate for a cuddle or to be picked up and to be held.

Today that dream came to life and although the novelty of this action may grow tiring over the coming months and years, today it was special. Very, very special.

As today I felt like a real Mum.


The Face of Birth

The Face of Birth is a documentary which advocates the importance of a woman making her own informed and educated choices surrounding her pregnancy, her labour and the ultimate birthing of her child. Filmed over three years from a world-wide perspective, it features interviews with renouned birthing experts and case studies of real women who discuss Australia's rising rate of intervetion and a medical system working against women's rights.

I first saw the teaser for this film in March, however the now extended preview {below} is something I really wanted to share with you.

In sharing Sage's birth story, I felt an incredible weight and deliberated long and hard whether to post such an intimate, personal story. Although so proud of my wonderful, natural birth experience and eager to share her amazing journey into the world, I questioned whether to stay silent for fear of judgement.

And judged I was.

However, my desire to transform the oh-so-common notion of childbirth being an incredibly terrifying, painful and feared experience, with one that it can be beautiful, inspirational and magical {but still painful, yes!} - lead me to hit that 'publish' button in the hope that maybe someone would benefit or be encouraged through reading a positive birthing experience.

For those women with 'low-risk' pregnancies {and therefore those who are able to have choice in their birthing journey} I feel the single most crucial element - no matter how or where you are choosing to birth; whether it be in a birthing centre, at home or in a hospital, with or without medical intervention - is to prepare and educate yourself, thereby facing the monumental journey ahead with understanding and knowledge - and therefore empowerment.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

"There's a perception that only strong women have homebirths, which I find extraordinary... because I think that all women are strong" - Noni Hazlehurst



fresh - Photo a Day, August

some before and afters of our revamped desk up soon!




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Sage's 6 Month Video {& 7 Month Photos}


Our little wren is now 7 months old and I don't know if our hearts can possibly be filled with any more love for her than they are right now...

until tomorrow

Here are her adventures as a 6 month old



pair - Photo a Day, August

Sage and Cora - best buds



Sage's Words

A little snippet of Sage discovering her loud voice and her new word "dadadadadadad"


home - Photo a Day, August
My Mum is the epitome of the perfect housewife;
Me?       Mmmmmm, not so much.
She can cook up a storm at a moments notice... 
She can garden crops of pure deliciousness ...
She can clean to pass any white glove swipe... 
and she can sew a mean thread.

Me?        Mmmmmm, not so much. 
So when I felt an overwhelming desire to suddenly enhance my capacity on said housewife fronts, it took me {and even more so, Si} by absolute surprise! Maybe another ripple from the 'purse string tightening' effect, perhaps?
Easy does this whole new traditional take - I thought I'd start simple. Ease myself into it.
So why not start with something I haven't done since Grade 7 Home Economics class...   sewing. Very basic sewing!
My first attempt at any sort of stitch {apart from those that result from a 2 minute run - who am I kidding?!}  ended in the felt house creation above. And boy am I proud!
Me!    I made that!     I would buy it from a shop!      But I don't need to buy it, 'cause I made it!
My proudness at completing such a basic sewing project further emphasises my non-housewifey-ness, but hey, it's a start. And my heart swells with pride as each time Si walks past our new little felt house on the shelf, he picks it up with admiring eyes and says "Gee I love this thing. Great job babe." 
And that's why I married him. He's a bit wonderful like that. 
So maybe I should try more of this wifey stuff. I could get used to heart swells and admiring eyes.
Being the high achiever that I am, I might even make a felt bird next - oh yes, I'm living on the edge!
Sweet little house pattern from here
{Please tell me I'm not the only one failing at life as a 'woman'!}



The sensory play zone in my days as a Kindergarten teacher was always flocked to by both childen and adults alike and recognising the incredible value of this type of exploratory experience, I thought I'd create some delightful, slimy goop for Sage to immerse herself in - literally!

  • 2 cups of cornflour
  • 1 cup of cold water
  • 4 cups of boiling water
  • Food colouring

  1. Combine the cornflour with the cold water {it will have a very unusual consistency - this is normal!}
  2. Add the boiling water, one cup at a time, stirring in between.
  3. Add the food colouring {or divide mixture into jars before adding colouring if you would like individual colours}
  4. Enjoy!

Fair to say, she totally loved it!

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high temps, body rashes and feeling unwell calls for a lot of snuggles and sleepy cuddles



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things are about to get a whole lot busier around here!



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ready - Photo a Day, August

I am so, so, SO very ready to attend the Hobart session of The Nursery in October. Truly beyond excited to discover and unlock the inner photographer/closet creative within, through guidance and gentle encouragement from the absolute master of capturing simple, delightful moments in the everyday.

Who's joining me?

{not technically a photo a day from me, but I just had to share!}



arrow - Photo a Day, August

Coveting this Shanna Murray wall decal. She has the most delightful range of sweet nothings to grace your home interior. I could buy her entire collection!



On my quest for establishing the beginnings of financial simplicity based on this decision, I hit some local thrift stores for some old/new additions to Sage's wardrobe.

I must admit, I've never really been an op-shop kinda girl, however the literal tightening of purse strings requires such leaps of clothing faith.

The thought of divine little pieces of vintage goodness gracing my babe's body did make my heart swell, just a little!

I could see it now...

floaty floral numbers combined with daisy chain crowns adorning masses of blonde curls

delicate, girly, laciness; apparel fit for exquisite tea parties under lumbering old oak trees

ruching, pleats and pinafores; perfect for meadow twirls and prancing

If I was going to attempt this thrifting thing, I was going to do a damn good job of it!

Unsure of what I may find upon my arrival - a journey into the realm of potential death by moth balls - I was pleasantly surprised; delighted even, at some of the offerings just waiting to be scoured and snatched up by this enthusiastic shopper with unrealistic, misguided visions.

But did I find exactly what I was hoping for?

Hell yeah!

Much of Sage's size 0 and 1 wardrobe is already accounted for, however this smattering of utter vintage femininity is a good way to ease into life's more simplistic ideals - this haul cost a grand total of $7.50!

Will she be a walking {crawling} contradiction of modern dashed with olden, branded sprinkled with no label, for the next few months?

Yep, but that's what individual style is all about! There's no stopping this mini fashionista...

 Simple - Photo a Day, August

Love me a wee bit of smocking and a peter pan collar combo