34/52 {The Detective Edition}

 A portrait of my little wren, once a week, every week, in 2013
Sage - today I came into the kitchen to find you "painting" our cupboards and drawers with an old makeup brush. Always the little artist!
{The 52 Project, inspired by the ever lovely Jodi


Kinship | The Sling Diaries

During the slowing of the evening, when the mist begins to linger and the light casts longer, deeper shadows, you quietly rest your weary hollow. My core whispers to you of tales passed; of how you were once but a tiny seedling, nestled and hidden within. After months of protection and nourishment, you grew strong and brave, eventually deciding the time had come to leap from my branches and plant yourself by my side. I watched as you blossomed, your delicate fronds unfurling, strengthening and flourishing with each passing day.

Now, fuelled by the rising sun, you awaken with vibrant luminosity, reaching your tendrils out into the wide open world without a moment’s hesitation. Courageously you strive for understanding, independence and truth, despite the looming enormity of the unknown. Your innocence immerses me in a world I had regretfully long forgotten a realm where birdsong inspires wonder and ant trails instil delight. Fervently, you soak in every sight and sound, unconsciously adding newfound discoveries to the rings of knowledge at the very centre of your being.

In time, as my frame grows tired through the winters of life and the forest has revealed all of the majesty and splendour it can possibly muster, I will lay down by your side. Slowly, the softest of moss will become my blanket, and all around you, you will see fresh, new life. May the buds, sprouts and saplings spring from within and thrive through my legacy, left at your feet. Although my core will no longer whisper to you in the slowing of the evening, still the roots of my essence will intertwine your soul. Burrowed and bound together in the unseen depths, you will feel my grasp holding you steadfast through both silence and storm. From the very beginning to the very end, the stories of the trees will echo our journey and you will never face this world alone.

Images 2, 3, 4 and 5 courtesy of the beautiful Ellen Arthur

Sage is wrapped with love in the Essential Linen Sling in Driftwood|Mint by Sakura Bloom


33/52 {The Splish, Splash Edition}

A portrait of my little wren, once a week, every week, in 2013
Sage - wherever there is water, there is you
{The 52 Project, inspired by the ever lovely Jodi


32/52 {The Farewell Edition}

A portrait of my little wren, once a week, every week, in 2013

Sage - our first home, the only home you've ever known, is all packed in preparation for our move to the cottage this week.

A bittersweet moment.

The four walls of this lounge room have witnessed so much of your childhood...  here, we bought you home from the hospital, sat you on the floor in your car capsule, and as new parents wondered "what do we do now?"   here, we finally became comfortable and confident embarking on our breastfeeding journey after weeks of pain and frustration,   here, we delighted in your first laugh, first crawl and first steps, as well as your first Christmas and birthday,  here we have watched as you've grown and thrived and become the vibrant little free spirit you are today...  here, we have created countless, cherished memories and as we reminisce in the years to come, our hearts will smile with the knowing that here, you began.

{The 52 Project, inspired by the ever lovely Jodi}


31/52 {The Big Sister Edition}

A portrait of my little wren{s}, once a week, every week, in 2013
Sage - already showing off your big sister flair, you carry your beloved "Bubba" everywhere you go
Panda - in all of your black and white glory, you are the sweetest little bear we've ever laid eyes on
{The 52 Project, inspired by the ever lovely Jodi}