TwentyOne | FiftyTwo

A portrait of my little ones; once a week, every week, in 2014
Sage - you hid under the clothes horse to avoid getting dressed - your cheekiness is equally as frustrating as it is endearing!
Alby - nature's mobile
{The 52 Project, inspired by the lovely Jodi} 


The Voice of Childhood

With Sage's language, vocabulary and dialogue developing by the day, lately I've been pondering how to best capture these ordinary, everyday 'conversations' and preserve them for reflection in the days and years to come. Whilst she was at her art table just recently, I reverted back to my almost daily practise as an early childhood teacher, and simply wrote as she spoke. I messily scribbled down her words and actions as she chatted freely, and without hesitation, in a way that only an egocentric, expressive two year old can.

Although by her side, I tried to keep my presence as unobtrusive as possible. Without interruption or interference, Sage is more likely to drift away to an inner world of thought, imagination and wonder, yet be comforted in the knowing that I am present. At times, admittedly, this can be difficult. With her endless questions and developing abilities, it is so easy to fall into an information-giving/"I'll show you the 'right' way" mindset. Consciously, I try to hold back from imposing myself and my ideas on her explorations in order for her to increase her understandings and knowledge through self-initiated experimentation.

Although much of Sage's current talk is simply an audible stream of consciousness or a verbal description of what she is doing at any given time, I love that it gives me an otherwise overlooked insight into her mind and how she is processing the world around her. I created the simple template above, later that evening, in order to document the photographs and words from our typical encounter during that day {and will use the same format when recording future moments - hopefully weekly}. However, I am still mulling over how to store these pages in order for them to become a valued component of her childhood story. A photo book perhaps?

I'd love to hear your ideas...

{Side note - Just recently, when visiting my parent's house, Sage found an old cassette entitled 'KIDS' beside their 35 year old stereo system. She, my mum and myself gathered around, watching with wonderment as the tape began to turn and then listened with delight as the voices of a seven year old me and my three year old brother came resounding through the speakers. (Un)melodic renditions of 'twinkle, twinkle' and 'hey diddle diddle' sung to the strums of my father's guitar filled the room, as did mini interviews encapsulating our ages, school life and our (then) current favourites. This voice recording brought with it the deepest sense of nostalgia and has inspired me to also record the voices of our children, so that one day they may sit in our rumpus room and feel the same way I did that very afternoon, listening as innocence filled the air.}

How do you go about documenting your child's story?


Twenty | FiftyTwo

A portrait of my little ones; once a week, every week, in 2014
Sage - fallen leaves nest amongst your tousled curls; the essence of Autumn
Alby - you smile, we all smile...

{The 52 Project, inspired by the lovely Jodi}


Alby // 2 Months

Oh Alby darling, where have these last two months gone? I am trying so desperately hard to cherish and soak in each and every second of this 'newborn' you, but it's slipping through my fingers faster than I could ever want or comprehend. From the moment you arrived, you captured a part of my heart that I never knew existed - perhaps a part that only a mother with a son could ever understand. I am completely and utterly smitten with you and feel I could not possibly love you any more than I do right this very moment {although I can already sense that I may just love you even more tomorrow}.

You are endlessly patient and oh so snuggly. You feed like a dream and sleep so very well. Your huge smiles radiate pure happiness; the biggest ones saved for your adoring sister. You dislike travelling in the car, but will bear it as long as your hand is being held. You are on the verge of laughter and are growing stronger by the day. You are calm and serene and make everything in the world appear that much brighter.

I will strive to do and be the absolute best for you, beautiful boy. You deserve more than I could ever give, but I will spend my life ensuring that I give you all that I have.



the THIS list ~ May

        ||  reading this

        ||  waiting for this

        ||  cooking this

        ||  thankful for this

        ||  coveting this

        ||  excited by this

        ||  pondering this

        ||  documenting for this

        ||  loving this

        ||  inspired by this

        ||  watching this

        ||  playing with this

        ||  decorating this

        ||  dreaming of this

        ||  attending this

        ||  bathing in this

        ||  supporting this

        { the THIS list - recording my monthly musings, simply }


Nineteen | FiftyTwo

A portrait of my little ones; once a week, every week, in 2014
Sage -  you've had attitude-PLUS of late. Each sentence usually consists of "NO!" or "NAUGHTY MUMMY!" - don't let this sweet face fool you! 
Alby - swoon!      {Alby is wrapped snug in the new ErgoBaby Swaddler, care of Babes in Arms}
{The 52 Project, inspired by the lovely Jodi}


Eighteen | FiftyTwo

A portrait of my little ones; once a week, every week, in 2014 
Sage - you had every doctor and nurse captivated by your charm - each time that you would run off to explore the hospital halls, you would return sticker or stethoscope clad
Alby - oh my dear, dear boy. Never has my heart broken so.
{The 52 Project, inspired by the lovely Jodi}