And so a new month of Photo a Day begins. Wow, this year is flying by {or is it just me?}

Today was a divinely mild winter's day; perfect for getting outside, soaking in the sunshine, delighting in the clear blue skies and enjoying some grass eating, of course!

We spent about an hour out on the blanket, thriving just being in each other's presence {probably more so me than her}. No matter how often I placed Sage into the middle of the rug, she'd clamber her little body all the way to the edge and tug and pull and rip those little grass shoots out of the ground with all her might. Grasping them between each and every finger she'd examine, taste, recoil and taste again.

She's already proving to be a very determined little soul...

and I love it     {for now!}

Here's my inspiration for the month...

outside - Photo a Day, August

darling buds of spring

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