Sage's 7 Month Video {& 8 Month Photos}

Oh Sagey... a month filled with so many exciting discoveries! New words, exuberant movements and those never ending displays of your vibrant, shining personality. You are a true delight and give us insurmountable smiles, each and every day.
Here are your adventures as a 7 month old...




Someone's loving to stand on their own...

And a proud face follow-up!

Oh, the cheekiness!


New Nursery Goodies

Doll by Miniland
Teething Beads by Manhattan Toys
Cushions by Love JK
Monday's Market & Friday's Market by Moulin Roty - to add to this
Ferris wheel by Citta Design

Bunting by Alimrose

Fairy Forest Lodge and Furniture Set by Enchantmints

Felt vegetables by Papoose



Motherhood Realities {Hairy Legs & Chipped Polish}

Motherhood, and all that it entails, has certainly lead to many, many changes in everyday life. Apart from the absolute obvious, a most notable difference is the time I now spend "getting ready" for the day ahead.
Pre-Sage? -- Unlimited...
A 6am alarm with an 8am work arrival time allowed for plenty of moseying morning preening.
Now? -- 0.9 seconds {or occasionally a smidge less!}
The flurry of pyjama changes {for both Sage and I} after her morning nap, often leaves rare spare minutes in order to transform myself into a version of "human" that will not frighten the general public, simply to make it to various music sessions and baby groups each week, on time.

Exhibit 1:   My usual go-to hairstyle is now a disheveled top knot, so chosen for speed and ease, as opposed to a high-maintenance, sleek, styled mane. There's no longer time to tame my ridiculously ringlety curls {or those obvious, pesky baby hairs!}. If a straighten is in order, it is always done the night before, once Sage is asleep, so that a quick touch-up is all that is required in the morning. And often by then, I really can't be bothered!

My once lush and thick pregnancy hair?

Mmmmm... now falling out by the bucket load. Simon's concerned about potential future baldness... from me, not him!

The next step in my 'beauty' routine is to mix a hint of moisturiser with my foundation {who has time for two steps when you can combine them into one?}, apply some mascara at break-neck speed {often resulting in stabbing myself in the eye with the wand - and an accompanying swear word!}, a dusting of blush {or not, if I'm super rushed} and a slick of lip gloss {which is sure to be sucked off my face by either Sage - or Simon - within moments of applying it anyway}. Glamorous, hey?

Being clothed, semi-made up and having hair "done" is a true feat and is the extent of my daily preparations, if venturing beyond the front door {a day at home is a whole other story!}. The hidden features -- those not seen by anyone apart from Si, Sage and Rudi -- are in a rather dire state and have certainly taken a back seat in the priority stakes.
And so why share them with you, shaming myself ever further?
For all of the beauty captured in day-to-day life with my little wren, there are of course those behind-the-scenes moments and facets of life that are never photographed or disclosed for their lack of "prettiness".
Typically with blogging, the exposure and insight into your world, often brings with it the "your life is so perfect" notion, from others looking in. With so many creative souls sharing their seemingly flawless existences through regular posts, I have been guilty of this myself. However I've learnt that when those thoughts of comparison and envy come creeping in, I need to be mindful that there's always another side... a side behind that picture-perfect photo.
And so here's my little snippet of imperfection, just to keep it real...
 Exhibit 2:   Thank goodness for a chilly, Tasmanian winter - the perfect excuse to keep my grossly unshaven {and unusually white} legs hidden beneath warm, comfy layers; a far-cry from my smooth, bronzed pins of the past. The promise of emerging spring weather indicates some serious hair removal is required in the very near future. I may even go out on a limb {no pun intended!} and lather myself in tanning lotion, an added precaution in order to prevent unforeseen blindness to those within five meters of my leg's vicinity.
Exhibit 3:   My very unmanicured toe nails are certainly in desperate need of some pampering. This polish has been gradually flaking and chipping off for literally the last two months. In my pre-baby days, you never would have witnessed a less than impeccable set of gleaming tootsies peeping out from strappy sandals. Their now neglected state remains buried in the depths of comfy ballet flats until the day comes that I have a spare 5 minutes to myself. And even then, I'd probably choose showering over polishing, as that's also a rarity indeed.
Right on cue, whilst taking photographs of those embarrassingly abandoned feet, came the pitter-patter of hands and knees, the perfect reminder of why my toes are in such a sad state...

Oh ,who could resist a quick cuddle?!
Setting her back down to continue snapping, only seconds later I was greeted with this scene...

Yes... not only am I unable to take a moment to repaint my toe nails, shave my legs or comb my hair, but it's also obviously far too much to expect a moment to photograph their poor condition without interruption either!
Oh the joys of motherhood... but isn't it all worth it?

Luckily she loves me, no matter how I look. I do, after all, have boobies, and that's the only thing that she's really concerned about!
Please tell me I'm not the only one failing in the beauty stakes?


The First Tooth

See that little bud just poking through?

The beginnings of that little tooth also brings with it the beginnings of a not-so-little baby anymore.
No... she'll always be my baby


Elephants & Rice


Half an hour of rice throwing pleasure. A wonderful way to pass a drawn out afternoon, waiting for Daddy's arrival home.

*Song - One Grey Elephant Balancing by Love to Sing