13/52 {The Bunny Love Edition}

A portrait of my little wren, once a week, every week, in 2013
Sage - Easter fun, collecting sweet treats left by Mr. Bunny
This week I visited gorgeous Fritha at Tigerlilly Quinn and was taken away to a magical, far-off land by Wilf's incredible portrait.

{Joining the 52 Project, inspired by the ever lovely Jodi}


A Rare Day Out

We awoke on Sunday to be confronted by the most appalling weather - fierce winds whipping the window panes and lashing rain, too cumbersome for even the widest of guttering. The almighty deluge also delivered us heavy hearts, as the prospect of our planned day-out was seemingly dashed.

However in typical Tassie style, merely hours later, the sun was beaming down from its vast, blue expanse. Despite a slight chill in the air, a crispness that required knits and scarves and boots and coats, we set off on our little farm adventure...

The Rare Day Out was held at Mount Gnomon Farm {towards the back of beautiful Penguin}; home to Eliza, Guy and their hundreds of blissfully happy, free-range pigs! An afternoon filled with sparkling cider, curly tails, muddy feet, delightful friends and the most delicious pulled pork tacos.

Sage wears... coat by Bebe by Minihaha, pants by Pumpkin Patch, shoes by Walnut, beanie by Fred Bare



12/52 {The Candlelit Edition}

A portrait of my little wren, once a week, every week, in 2013

Sage - enthralled by the beauty of a candlelit bath with your Daddy

This week I visited Megpie and admired the portraits of her sweet, resting babes and I also couldn't resist the love between Erick and Sofia, captured by beautiful Kate at Diapers and Skinny Jeans.

{The 52 Project, inspired by the ever lovely Jodi}


Time with Tim

Mr Coulson, there's no need to tell you how phenomenal you are... each and every image you capture represents your truly undeniable gift.
Never have these words been more true as I pour over the favourites from our day together.
We cannot wait to see you in 6 weeks time and once again bask in your love, your words and your incredible passion... for family, for your craft, for life.