26/52 {The Had-Enough Edition}

A portrait of my little wren, once a week, every week, in 2013

Sage - you decided that you didn't want to walk any further...

This week I visited Holly's sweet, new blog Little Beds and loved the inquisitiveness of her babes Matilda and George.

{The 52 Project, inspired by the ever lovely Jodi}


25/52 {The Should've-Been-A-Boy Edition}

A portrait of my little wren, once a week, every week, in 2013
Sage - still a little bleary-eyed, you delight in watching the garbage truck travel the entire length of our street from the lounge window each week

{The 52 Project, inspired by the ever lovely Jodi}


Montessori at Home | changes to our environment

Just recently we've noticed an incredible leap in Sage's development. Each day she astounds us with new words and her vibrant "conversations" are becoming even more elaborate as she experiments with different sounds and gestures. Her understanding of language is growing continually and because of this, we are now able to guide her in making small decisions for herself and can allow her to contribute to our daily, household routines. Lately, after much research into the Montessori approach, we've made some simple changes to the way we organise our environment to accommodate and assist Sage's growing independence...

1.   Placing a water filter on a low, easily accessible table between our kitchen and dining area, allows Sage to pour her own drink whenever she feels thirsty. Not only does this encourage decision making and choice, but her fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination are also enhanced through the filling of, and drinking from her glass. A few practises was all it took for her to master the lever tap, and amazingly, she recognises to stop before the water overflows from her cup. Of course there are inevitable puddles as she occasionally finds it tricky to replace the glass directly underneath the spout, however the clean up process is an equally valuable lesson.

2.   Beside Sage's water filter, we place a mini basket of bite-sized snacks that she can access on her own throughout the day. Strawberries, cherry tomatoes, crackers, rice cakes, dried apricots, cashews, dates and sultanas are firm favourites and are perfect as they can sit for most of the day without spoiling {not that they ever last that long!}.

3.   Underneath Sage's art table, we've positioned a small basket filled with her most frequently worn shoes. As we are about to leave the house or go for a walk, we ask Sage to go and choose the shoes that she would like to wear. She takes great pride in pulling out her favourites for the day, and we are gradually guiding her to put them on on her own.

Even these subtle changes to our home environment have made an incredible difference to Sage's independence. Over the coming months I will update you on some other ways we are incorporating the Montessori approach into our daily lives {the home approach is a necessity for us as there is not a single Montessori school in the state of Tasmania!}.

When given the opportunity to practise and master new skills, even the youngest of children can reveal immense capabilities. To find out more about the Montessori approach, particularly in the home, I recommend this book and this blog.

How do you encourage the development of independence in your little ones? I'd love to hear your ideas!


24/52 {The Favourites Edition}

A portrait of my little wren, once a week, every week, in 2013
Sage - adorned with a hat and a necklace, you turn the dial to make your music box play - your three favourite things, right there in a nutshell!
This week {and every week}, I popped by to visit the gorgeous Sarah at To Gather and Love and my heart was warm as I witnessed her precious boys, doing exactly what they do best - exploring and discovering amongst nature's wonders. 
{The 52 Project, inspired by the ever lovely Jodi}


P.S. if you love creating with your wee ones, you might like to enter my giveaway, especially for the little artist in your world. Good luck!


The Little Artist {Volume Two}

"To play with colour is to play with magic" - Ursula Kolbe
{author of my most favourite guide to facilitating art experiences with young children, Rapunzel's Supermarket}
As predictable, weary tears begin to surface toward the end of yet another whirlwind day, crisp, white ceramics, laden with colour, are placed atop her thrifted table; her sunshine-yellow chair drawn ajar to entice. Frustrated, tired grizzles are soon forgotten as her hands and mind meld to create a dance of wonder upon the beckoning page. Hues intertwine and new shades emerge as slapdash fingers hastily explore. Fragments of colour chaotically combine, as another masterpiece from our wee artist is complete.  
Sage creates with Veggie Baby Finger Paint care of the delightful Boodle and Bear. These beautiful hues are made from the milling of real blueberries, beets, pumpkin and spinach, and contain no dairy, wheat, sugar or preservatives - making them safe for even the most curious, young artist!
Sweet Marnie, a mother of two littlies, established Boodle and Bear - her family-based, online art supplies store, after she found a huge gap in the market for safe, easy-to-use, eco-friendly products, specifically designed for young children.
"It was concerning to me to find that many art supplies produced by large corporations contain toxic chemicals that can be inhaled, absorbed through the skin or accidentally ingested whilst children use them…  Buying eco-friendly art supplies is a small step in caring for our world and our children."

To celebrate the potential and capabilities of even our littlest creatives, we have an entire set of Veggie Baby Finger Paint {RRP $40}, to give away to one lucky Fields of Sage reader! To enter, simply leave a comment, either in the blog comment section below or on our facebook page {doing both will give you two entries}. The winner will be chosen via random number generator {according to comment order} and be drawn in one week – on Friday, June 21st at 8.00pm.

Good luck!
If you just cannot wait to immerse your child in a world of colour, Boodle and Bear currently has an enormous 40% off EVERYTHING in store! On my wishlist for Sage is this set of bamboo paint brushes and these divine water soluble pencils. But be quick - this amazing  40% off sale is available only while stocks last! Also, be sure to pop over and give Boodle and Bear a little 'like' on facebook to stay up-to-date with their frequent specials and incredible product range. Happy creating! x

UPDATE:   we have a winner!

Congratulations to gorgeous Steph of This Brown Wren! These little pots of goodness are headed your way. I have no doubt Bijou and Remy will create many works of art with their sweet little fingertips, to adorn your beautiful home. Much love, from Fields of Sage x


23/52 {The Daddy Dressed Me Edition}

A portrait of my little wren, once a week, every week, in 2013

Sage - a frosty, early morning walk with Daddy and Rudi, allowing this Mumma a much needed sleep in. Waiting with baited breath this week, as we anticipate news of this gorgeous seaside town becoming our new home...

{The 52 Project, inspired by the ever lovely Jodi}


Memory | The Sling Diaries

Grandma's Garden

Etched deep into each wrinkle, each crevice, each pore, are moments of hardship and heartache, of laughter and light. Diligently carved by nature's swift hand, life's inklings lay engraved upon her velvet-soft face. Perhaps millions of smiles and hundreds of frowns, each furrow has a story, each gully, a song. 

As the delicate passageways bear witness to a life so graciously lived, it's the contours and causeways imbuing the heart that will tell of her tale - long after she has forgotten. Scandalously thieved, so mercilessly robbed, haze begins to overwhelm a mind once crystal clear. Words, names and memories fade with the slowly setting sun, white noise distorts perception, reality and truth. Yet in the face of confusion, frustration and loss, the soul within speaks crescendos of essence and love. Her gentle touch, warm embrace, her softest caress, silently declare all that is important, no words need be found.

Sage, as you grow and age through the years, your older self may too forget of life's valleys and peaks. Memories of triumphs and tears may long have departed, but your story lies here, ready and waiting to be told... now and forevermore.

Sage is wrapped with love in the Essential Linen Sling in Driftwood|Mint by Sakura Bloom



Lately I've taken some time out from this space... time that has been an absolute necessity for both my heart and my health. Throughout the year, I've prided myself on managing this mothering-working-blogging juggle, not to mention all of life's other incidentals thrown in along the way, but for the past few weeks I've been struggling to keep all balls aloft.

It's that time of the year where sickness is endless and unshakable. Where parent-teacher meetings run late into the evening meaning home time is well after dark. Where emerging molars require frequent night time snuggles and then toothpicks to make it through the next day.

Text messages from friends go unanswered, meals are cooked based on convenience over nutritional value and household items are hidden in bizarre places during speedy preparations for real estate valuations. RSVPs to upcoming birthday parties are weeks late, the comment sections of favourite blog reads lack my thoughts and an insurmountable washing pile is forming in our tiny laundry.

Uninspired and oh so weary, the time came for a mini disconnect. Although difficult for this self-confessed perfectionist, sometimes I need to be okay with the fact that I just can't do it all.

And my idea of pure perfection right now?      

... a blissful, uninterrupted early night!

What's yours?


22/52 {The Close of Autumn Edition}

A portrait of my little wren, once a week, every week, in 2013

Sage - basking in the final days of Autumnal colour, picking your favourite "app" from the over-crowded branch

This week I visited Jenn over at her lovely space Monkey and Squirrel, and was just a little jealous of darling Penny, swinging while admiring a sun-soaked Italian countryside vineyard. Ahhhhh...

{The 52 Project, inspired by the ever lovely Jodi}