39/52 {The Persistent Edition}

A portrait of my little wren, once a week, every week in 2013
Sage - trying with all of your might to pull gumnuts from the tree in our back yard - today you didn't succeed...
The glorious golden light in Amy's images of her daughter had me dreaming of long, summer evenings this week.
{The 52 Project, inspired by the ever lovely Jodi}


Baby Panda is a ...


38/52 {The River Rocks Edition}

A portrait of my little wren, once a week, every week, in 2013
Sage - a day at the creek = hours of shirtless, stone throwing fun

This week I popped over to Jesi's delightful space at Willow and Pear and adored her three catchup portraits of her wee little man.

{The 52 Project, inspired by the ever lovely Jodi}


Wisdom | The Sling Diaries

Dearest New Mumma,

My goodness, just look at you, you amazing lady!! You made a baby! A cherished little life decided their time had come and without a moments hesitation, cleverly chose you to become their mumma. And what a perfect choice they made. Embedding themselves in your being and your soul, your journey to motherhood began. For the past nine months you have delicately navigated the ever-changing, tumultuous facets of pregnancy, at times with grace and at times with tears - and understandably so! Such a period of immense growth and change, physically and emotionally, can be both so beautiful and yet so unkind. Whether nausea, aches, fears or stretch marks infiltrated your days, remind yourself of the incredible feat you have just achieved - you made a human - inside your very own being! You sacrificed your nutrients, your comfort, your sleep and your camembert, all for a wee person you hadn't yet laid eyes on {but one who already captured your heart}. Your love for your unborn was so evident with each caress of your rounding belly, with each joyful smile at the movements within. You were bestowed the honour of experiencing a life develop just below the surface of your skin, all thanks to your utter incredibleness as a woman. And you are incredible... remember that. In time, look back on this extraordinary phase with pride and admiration, as no matter how your pregnancy journey evolved, be comforted in the knowing that you did the very best you could.

When the time eventually came for you to welcome your baby into the world, you were oh so strong... but then again, I knew you would be. Being the extraordinary woman that I know you are, no matter how, or where, or when you birthed, you undoubtedly displayed colossal courage and strength - a courage and strength far beyond comprehension. Whether your story was exactly as you'd imagined or a completely different tale from beginning to end, your baby simply wanted to meet you in the only way they knew how. You may have received them with a cascade of emotion - perhaps love, bewilderment, apprehension or delight - each completely valid considering the epic journey you've just faced. Take time... be kind to yourself. Allow you body and mind to heal from the enormity of your strength. In time, look back on this extraordinary phase with pride and acceptance, as no matter how your birthing story evolved, be comforted in the knowing that you did the very best you could.

After months of attentively nurturing a life inside you - with their birth, also came your birth - your dawning as a mother. Reminders of your once pregnant-self may linger for days, years, or even perhaps a lifetime and it's okay to feel uneasy in the knowledge that you may never again look how you once did. One day perhaps, you'll embrace each line, scar and curve as a symbol of your undeniable strength and remarkable capabilities. Be mindful of the immensities your body has endured. Love yourself... you are truly beautiful.

Before you lies a winding path of exhaustion and self-doubt, of pure bliss and unbridled happiness - the wondrous, yet turbulent path of parenthood. Well meaning loved ones as well as complete strangers will offer you their thoughts, their titbits of advice along the way. Graciously accept their offerings and then listen very carefully to your own heart. Your core will guide you now, and throughout this journey - have faith in your instincts and that small voice within. Trust in the woman who conceived and bore your child - she is an endless source of support and guidance if you will only seek to hear her whispers. She knows what to do - she is remarkably clever.

Weeks will pass by, each looking undoubtedly similar to the last. You may be entangled with a guilt for the apparent 'nothingness' you are achieving each day, however simply being is the most important role you will ever undertake. Perhaps you're unshowered and the laundry pile seems inconquerable. Beds will go unmade and crumbs linger on the floor. The endless cycle of eat, play, sleep becomes the rhythm of your day, leaving little room for the former life of busyness that was once your norm. Cherish your darling baby, breathe them in and bask in all of their newborn-ness. Trace the contours of their tiny ears and internalise the soft sounds they make as they slumber. Marvel at their impossibly small singlets and surrender to their desire to be held. You are never doing 'nothing' - you are loving, nurturing, nourishing and learning about this brand new little person in your life. And you are doing a mighty fine job! You may not see it just yet... but one day, you will. Savour the stillness and monotony of each hour, as all too soon they will become a distant memory. In time, look back on this extraordinary phase with pride and humility, as no matter how your mothering pathway evolves, be comforted in the knowing that you did the very best you could.

Love Anna x

Sage is wrapped with love in the divine Luxe Silk Sling in Deep Sea by Sakura Bloom

I sit here now, in the quiet, just 19 months in to my mothering journey. The world outside is cloaked in darkness, the night air moist after days of sporadic rain. Cross-legged and cosy, with the warmth of the wood fire caressing my back, and I am comforted in the knowing that I am exactly where I am meant to be. Contented, steady breaths of my sleeping loves filter my mind as I ponder the words above; the words I longed to hear resounding within my very own heart, only months ago.  I am so grateful to have been a part of this incredible Sling Diaries project. What an honour it has been to wear my darling girl - an extension of my very own heart - as we meander through this life, together.

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37/52 {The Tower Edition}

A portrait of my little wren, once a week, every week, in 2013
Sage - you take the opportunity to pinch some of your Mumma's breakfast while trying out your new {second-hand} Learning Tower. I can already tell this will be one of our most used and loved toddler purchases.

This week, the beautiful Kelly from A Little Lioness captured her daughter Elsa demonstrating the essence of childhood.

{The 52 Project, inspired by the ever lovely Jodi}



36/52 {The Wrangler Edition}

A portrait of my little wren, once a week, every week, in 2013

Sage - you absolutely adore digging for worms in the garden, but have never been confident enough to hold one for yourself - until today!

I haven't been linking up to my favourite portraits by other bloggers for the last few weeks, simply due to a lack of time, however, feeling inspired by the spring sunshine, it's time to put some past routines and rhythms back in to place {including replying more frequently to the lovely comments you so kindly leave here at my little space - I'm sorry I became so slack, forgive me!}.

Darling Avienne, munching on her tacos over at Misplaced Texan, had me smiling this week. What a pout! And those eyes...

{The 52 Project, inspired by the ever lovely Jodi}


Spring Sweetness | Little Luxuries

Some spring-inspired goodness to brighten your day - featuring cascades of florals and the prettiest of pastels
{all so unapologetically girly, no wonder I adore this time of year!}


1. Vintage Tea Set   2. Wooden Garden Tools   3. Sparkle T Berrylicious Counting & Alphabet Puzzle   4. Alimrose Li'l Bonnie Doll   5. Janod Scooter Balance Bike   6. Fabrik Austin Blouse   7. Eco-Tree Coloured Pencils   8. Vintage Style Watering Can   9. Bebe by Minihaha Elise Print Sunhat   10. Moulin Roty Garden Treasures Box   11. Paisley Rose Lunch Box   12. Best Dressed Bashful Bunny   13. Le Toy Van Rosalea's Car and Caravan   14. The Little Veggie Patch Co. Heirloom Seeds   15. Floral Patchwork Quilt   Centre - Summer Blossom Beach Girl Floral Crown


35/52 {The Darling Edition}

A portrait of my little wren, once a week, every week, in 2013

Sage - just because
{The 52 Project, inspired by the ever lovely Jodi}