On my quest for establishing the beginnings of financial simplicity based on this decision, I hit some local thrift stores for some old/new additions to Sage's wardrobe.

I must admit, I've never really been an op-shop kinda girl, however the literal tightening of purse strings requires such leaps of clothing faith.

The thought of divine little pieces of vintage goodness gracing my babe's body did make my heart swell, just a little!

I could see it now...

floaty floral numbers combined with daisy chain crowns adorning masses of blonde curls

delicate, girly, laciness; apparel fit for exquisite tea parties under lumbering old oak trees

ruching, pleats and pinafores; perfect for meadow twirls and prancing

If I was going to attempt this thrifting thing, I was going to do a damn good job of it!

Unsure of what I may find upon my arrival - a journey into the realm of potential death by moth balls - I was pleasantly surprised; delighted even, at some of the offerings just waiting to be scoured and snatched up by this enthusiastic shopper with unrealistic, misguided visions.

But did I find exactly what I was hoping for?

Hell yeah!

Much of Sage's size 0 and 1 wardrobe is already accounted for, however this smattering of utter vintage femininity is a good way to ease into life's more simplistic ideals - this haul cost a grand total of $7.50!

Will she be a walking {crawling} contradiction of modern dashed with olden, branded sprinkled with no label, for the next few months?

Yep, but that's what individual style is all about! There's no stopping this mini fashionista...

 Simple - Photo a Day, August

Love me a wee bit of smocking and a peter pan collar combo


  1. I love op shopping! Gorgeous dresses, top r and middle l are my favs! I used to get lots of great stuff at evandale market.

    1. Yes, I think I'm going to grow to love it too - such a thrill to find unique one off pieces that have a history and a story. Si is very pleased with my under $10 stash! Markets are a great idea I'll have to explore!

  2. Hehe yes, although Adam reckons I just buy more :-) I haven't really done any for awhile. Change of seasons us always a good time to go looking.

  3. Oh my giddy aunt! What a brilliant haul...and a first timer. Bravo to you. And doesn't she look gorgeous in her new frock. :)

    1. I was very pleased with my finds Steph! Just what I had imagined... not so unrealistic after all! x


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