In the still of the unusually humid night air, I take refuge

      in the calm of my breath

      the solitude of my thoughts

      the solace of the familiar

Plagued by weariness, in the midst of sole-parenting while my love is away, the silence and serenity upon the fall of darkness is a welcome friend. The endless days, the palpable desire for a moment to just be, have this week infested lingering disillusionment... an insipid mind.

And so tonight, in the still of the unusually humid night air, I take refuge

in the calm, the solitude and the solace of knowing

that tomorrow is a new day


Sage's 9 Month Video {& 10 Month Photos}

Our sweet little wren is now 10 months old and truly becomes even more delightful {and delicious!} with each passing day. We are so, so thankful that she chose to bless our lives with her love and light and laughter.

Here are her adventures as a 9 month old...


sage for Sage

On the weekend we began preparations for Sage's first birthday {coming up in January - far too quickly for this mumma's liking!} by planting a small 'thank you', a gift for those attending her celebratory afternoon tea.

Nourishing and nurturing these little bundles of life, so that they may grow and they may thrive...

Nourishing sage and nurturing Sage,

So that sage may grow and Sage may thrive.


Richness, Cheaply

My heart just may have skipped a little beat when I discovered that my local thrift store had finally released their summer stock onto racks last week. Sifting through, I found hanger after hanger laden with a delightful mix of handmade beauty and vintage goodness, all permeated with musty richness of the yesteryear... all just waiting for a new story, a new beginning, a new adventure...


Perhaps a little vintage store one day? I can but dream!

Click here for...
A more simple life

Other delicious vintage finds



The Wishlist | Little Luxuries

Something to wear
Something to read
Something she wants
Something she needs
I first came across this sweet little rhyme at this even sweeter little blog many, many months ago as a perfect guide for gifting your wee ones.  Upon reading, I immediately knew this was the ideal structure for this self-appointed "present buyer" of the family, as it ensures my occasionally excessive tendencies are kept to a reasonable, yet satisfying minimum!
With Christmas fast approaching {can you seriously believe it's November already?!} and Sage's gifting already complete, I thought I'd put a together a selection of my current favourite children's items that I've 'wish-listed' as perfect potentials for my future reference. This is not a sponsored post - just filled with items and brands that I've come to love and trust over my years as a Kindergarten teacher and now, as a parent. The items listed have been chosen based on my personal style aesthetic alone and do not even begin to scratch the surface of the enormity that is available online. Just maybe you'll spot something you love for your little one this festive season? Be sure to tell me your favourites!
On the Move

 Tasty Treats

Build it Up

1. Tree Blocks   2. Uncle Goose Classic ABC Blocks   3. Natural Spaces Hollow Blocks   4. Rainbow Blocks   5. Deluxe Block Set   6. Tegu Magnetic Blocks   7. Natural Spaces Mirror Blocks   8. Element Blocks   9. Janod Kubix Letters and Numbers Blocks   10. Ebulobo Woodbear Family Puzzle Blocks   11. Nesting Bowls

Perfect Playsets

1. Enchantmints Fairy Forest Lodge Furniture   2. Janod Bricolo Wooden Tool Kit   3. Organic Farm Playset   4. Penguins and Igloo Set   5. Rabbit Hutch Set   6. Jungle Discovery Set   7. Native American Playset

Mind Stretchers

1. Dwell Studio Woodland Jigsaw Puzzle   2. Bajo Abacus   3. Janod Large Ball Track  4. Wooden Stacking Birds   5. Magnetic Dino Building System   6. Wooden House Layer Puzzle

Soft and Sweet

1. Little Deer Baby Rocker   2. Jellycat Molly Mouse   3. Maileg Mouse Queen and King   4. Lilliputiens Wolf and Pig Puppet Set   5. Le Toy Van Budkins Crusader Dolls 6. Le Toy Van Budkins Medical Dolls   7. Moulin Roty Philibert Dog

Creative Goodness

1. Moulin Roty Flower Press   2. Silk Playground Play Silks   3. Veggie Baby Finger Paint  4. Earth Paint Kit  5. Ferby Nature Coloured Pencils   6. Wee Can Too Veggie Crayons


Our Little One in LittleONE!

Today we are so very excited here in the Davis household, as the summer edition of LittleONE Baby hits shelves! The very lovely Jen of Jen Rayner Photography photographed our little family and Sage's nursery space for the issue and as anticipated, she was an absolute pleasure to work with. We instantly felt at ease in her presence and it was obvious that Sage did also, with grins, claps and excited chats throughout our entire shoot! Just recently we visited Jen and her delightful family at their beautifully restored, historic home in Hobart and had the most fabulous afternoon with her and her gorgeously vivacious children, James and Olivia. Thank you Jen, for capturing our family - simply lovely images that we will treasure always.

How very honoured we were to discover that Jodi of the divine space, Che and Fidel was threading the words to accompany our feature. Whilst in the early stages of my pregnancy with Sage, I happened upon Jodi's blog through a magazine recommendation and fell instantly in love with her family, her philosophy... her way. Che and Fidel is often a place I visit when a need for calm is required during the bustle of daily life. Her images and words resound with grace, poise and beauty and I feel truly humbled to have had her form our story about our life with, and love for Sage.


Be sure to pick up you own copy of LittleONE Baby to see many other delightful children's spaces - you're sure to be inspired!

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