The Face of Birth

The Face of Birth is a documentary which advocates the importance of a woman making her own informed and educated choices surrounding her pregnancy, her labour and the ultimate birthing of her child. Filmed over three years from a world-wide perspective, it features interviews with renouned birthing experts and case studies of real women who discuss Australia's rising rate of intervetion and a medical system working against women's rights.

I first saw the teaser for this film in March, however the now extended preview {below} is something I really wanted to share with you.

In sharing Sage's birth story, I felt an incredible weight and deliberated long and hard whether to post such an intimate, personal story. Although so proud of my wonderful, natural birth experience and eager to share her amazing journey into the world, I questioned whether to stay silent for fear of judgement.

And judged I was.

However, my desire to transform the oh-so-common notion of childbirth being an incredibly terrifying, painful and feared experience, with one that it can be beautiful, inspirational and magical {but still painful, yes!} - lead me to hit that 'publish' button in the hope that maybe someone would benefit or be encouraged through reading a positive birthing experience.

For those women with 'low-risk' pregnancies {and therefore those who are able to have choice in their birthing journey} I feel the single most crucial element - no matter how or where you are choosing to birth; whether it be in a birthing centre, at home or in a hospital, with or without medical intervention - is to prepare and educate yourself, thereby facing the monumental journey ahead with understanding and knowledge - and therefore empowerment.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

"There's a perception that only strong women have homebirths, which I find extraordinary... because I think that all women are strong" - Noni Hazlehurst


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