Right now would be the perfect opportunity to indulge in today's topic of 'down' for Photo a Day, August.

After many, many anxious weeks, today I received the phone call that I have been dreading, but knew in my gut was coming...

Today was the day we discovered that none of the data on our failed hard drive could be recovered.

Not one. single. file.

Even as I type this, I feel so sick that I could vomit, knowing what we have lost.

It would be so easy to cry endless tears
It would be so easy to question "why us?"
It would be so easy to place blame
It would be so easy to ponder the "if only's"

Typically, when faced with news such as this, I would go through all of these phases of easiness but as gut wrenching as today's news has been, instead I chose to be thankful. 

Why dwell when no good will come of it?

And to be honest... dwelling just makes it hurt even more.

I am grateful we have a healthy, happy little girl
a loving, strong relationship
clothes on our backs
shelter for warmth
and food in our bellies

These alone are features of life that I would usually take so greatly for granted, but today I forced myself to remember that they are more than some people will ever have, or experience in an entire lifetime.

We have our precious little blue-eyed delight to create insurmountable memories with over the coming years and for that I am so very, very thankful.

and these are the very memories that I will back up beyond belief!


  1. Honey, I am so sorry. And also proud of you for your grateful attitude. Life is rich, there is no doubt. Is there anyway you can download and save your blog photos and your FB albums. I know they won't b as high resolution but at least you'd have those ones. Sage grows more beautiful every time I see the photos. So do you, when I read you thoughts. Much love always darling one x
    From Aunty Rob xxxx

  2. Oh no this is awful news :( I am so very sorry to hear this! You are as always an inspiration to be so grateful and remaining positive!!! Look forward to the lifetime of photos/videos you are yet to take and how wonderful it will be. Love to you all xxxx


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