The Sickness of Worry

I need to remember this now, more than ever.

Our computer man could not retrieve any of the data from our failed portable hard drive

... the hard drive which contains every single photo and video of Sage captured from her birth up until a week ago {at age 6 months}.

6 months worth of cherished times and delightful memories.    They mean everything...

It is now in the hands of data retrieval specialists.

It may cost us thousands to get our files returned          {I'd be willing to pay anything}.

It may not work at all.

{But it might}

What's done is done and worrying will not change the outcome.

If I think about it too much, tears fill my eyes and I literally feel sick to the stomach at the thought of what we may have lost. So for the time being, I am trying so very, very hard put it out of my mind...

and trust...

and wait...

it has got to be okay


  1. Did you get the photos???!!! :) :) I know the feeling. :) I just found your blog. Hope you found them.....

  2. Hi Andrea, we are STILL waiting! The company that now has it has given us a 50-60% chance of getting our data back. The waiting is torture... I try not to think about it or I get too upset! I'll be sure to update once we know - hopefully within the next week. Have you had a similar experience? Thank you for visiting, I'll be sure to stop by at RaisinPeanut too (cute name!) x


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