Preparing Sage's Cubes of Love!

I'd always loved the idea of preparing Sage's food ourselves when it came time to introduce solids into her daily diet. So far she has proven to be a very un-fussy eater, usually content with whatever we serve up on her little heat-indicator spoon! Combining different fruits and vegetables, with a little dash of love thrown in, has become our Saturday morning ritual, as Sage sits in her Bumbo on the kitchen bench {gasp!} while pots bubble, boil and steam. Here is our process for creating her meals...


Getting chop happy; carrot, sweet potato, parsnip, pumpkin, broccoli and leek.


We prefer to steam most of her veggies as it ensures more of those fabulous nutrients are retained, however as this broth contained leek, it required a quick boil!

While the pots are doing their thing, we think-up various combinations with the veggies we've chosen and write them on the front of snap lock bags.


Hubby on hand for straining assistance!


Broccoli, parsnip, sweet potato and leek; all steamed ready for a blend.


Blitz it all together with a hand-held mixer to form a soft puree. We often add some breast milk or nutrient-rich steamer water to assist with the smooth consistency.

Pour into an ice cube tray, skim off the excess and tap out all the air bubbles before freezing.


After a few hours in the deep freeze.


Our silicon ice cube tray has been our best 'foodie' purchase as it makes popping out her little cubes of deliciousness a breeze!

The finished product.


All ready to add to her food drawer.

The recommended time for freezer storage is 6 weeks, however at the rate that Sage is consuming them {usually 4 cubes, three times a day!} we don't even come close.

Her favourites? Pear with banana, carrot with pumpkin and sweet potato, and potato with pea, carrot and leek. Want to see another sweet, messy face?          Oh okay, if you insist!...


What combinations do your little ones love? Any solid-making tips?


  1. Yum! Lucky girl. I did this, but have to admit, with the twins, I was OVER peeling apples and steaming spinach by the end. They're still as messy as your little one, though. Some things don't change xx

    1. I can imagine Greer! Trying to keep up with Sage's appetite keeps us busy enough, let alone catering for two! x

  2. I do exactly this too! I love that rose is an easy eater as well -- makes food preparing so much more fun. rose's fave is avocado with sweet potato, pumpkin or banana.

    1. I think I'll have to try Sage on some avocardo Bron. Such a super food! And I love it too (bonus!)

  3. Oh her eyes are amazing! my little boy Wilf is 7 months and has just started eating too, this age is so much fun! x

    1. Thank you - she certainly has her Daddy's blue eyes! They're gorgeously blue. I just stopped by your blog too - what a beautiful little family you have x

  4. Awww, I could feel the love coming through in this post of food being prepared for a loved baby. Lovely!. Monika.

    1. Thank you Monika, we sure like knowing what's going in to that sweet little belly. Thank you also for visiting, I'll be sure to stop by your space too! x


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