"My Life" is Not Working!

This little black box, pretty much contains my life...

Every university essay, teaching resource, hen's night inventory, present wish list, life plan, baby name brainstorm, blog inspiration and photo ever saved, downloaded or filed in those miniature yellow virtual folders over the past few years, is stored on this rectangular, midnight shaded gadget.

And now it's NOT WORKING!

Plugging it into my laptop, I hear the familiar "dum dum" of recognition, perhaps a glimmer of hope? Only the usual unwavering acceptance of my beloved device, fails to eventuate.

Friday cannot come soon enough - my 'computer man' will attempt rebuild whatever it is that is broken, but until then, this very un-tech savvy lass has an underlying sense of anxiousness.

I can't wait to have "my life" back in action!

{Hence no Photo a Day, July today - it's stored on the hard drive, unable to be accessed!}

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