Sage's First Swim

On the weekend we took Sage for her first swim at our local private pool. As she loves baths, showers, drink bottles {!} and pretty much anything water related, we were fairly certain she would be confident paddling around in the oversized version of a tub.

Although very serious for much of the hour, she seemed to enjoy gliding through the water, kicking her sweet legs in the warmth and giving the occasional splash with her little hands. She even handled her first "going under" experience incredibly well, as we gave her the familiar cue of "ready... go!" to prepare her; just like at home as we pour water over her head or gently guide her under the stream of water in the shower.

And she looked oh so sweet in her teeny, tiny bathers!

Here's her first swim...

*Song - Six Months in a Leaky Boat, Little Birdy

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