Framing Frenzy

Lately I've been feeling slightly unsettled. Not in a bad way, just in an "I need a change" sort of way. So when the need for a bit of an overhaul hits, what better way to curb the restlessness than a small dose of 'fresh'. 

My 'fresh' this weekend, came in the form of adding some artwork and photos to frames for our home. As we are on a slightly tighter budget while I am off work 'being Mum', I had to get creative, so I used some prints that I found in old issues of Frankie and photos that I already had printed from a few months earlier. The frames came from The Reject Shop, our version of the dollar store, so all up it was quite an inexpensive project.

I'll soon fill you in on a few other things I have in the works, as the DIY bug has bitten hard and left its mark {I blame Pinterest!} but until then, let me know what you think of our new additions.

our little pixie at 9 days old

LOVE this set of three whimsy prints

some more gorgeous images from Sage's newborn photo shoot {by Megan Bourn Photography}

I think this guy looks cool, but distinguished. Simon thinks he looks cool, but like a pervert - what do you think?!


Now only to decide where to put them...

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