On the Floor {with an iPhone addict}

on the floor - Photo a Day, July

When in town through the week I struck gold...

in the form of a pretend iPhone for Sage!

Definitely not something that I would usually buy, or ever thought in my 'pre-parenting' days that I would actually condone, but hey -- I was desperate! You see, ever since Sage has been able to reach and grab, her absolute favourite thing to reach and grab at, is my phone!

She has sent her Dad many a 'message' and she has revealed features and functions to me that I never knew existed through her random button presses! Now that she has one of her own, my phone can now be rescued from the clutches of grubby fingertips and has had an opportunity to dry out from the pools of dribble accumulating in each and every hole.

For $3.95, I think it's well and truly worth every cent...

until she figures out that it can also make sound effects, in which case it may find itself "broken" or "lost". Until then, our tech savvy little girl is very content!

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