Our "garden" is currently channeling a very contemporary, minimalistic look...

minimalistic as in it features grass, and only grass!

So instead of a photo of our lush patch of greenness -- as lovely as it is -- I thought I'd share my dream garden.

garden - Photo a Day, July {image from pinterest}

How divine is this gorgeous outdoor space!

I can't wait to begin creating beautiful beds of fresh, organic goodness with my little family. What a way to spend our days!

It may be not be anytime soon, but...

one day.


  1. Hi Anna, I have just come across your blog through the Lovely Living facebook page and just wanted to say how much I love the photo of Sage's bedroom. I love her name too!
    Would you mind me asking about a couple of things that Sage has in her room that I really like the look of for my daughter's room? There is the tree in the middle of her shelves (the large one with the red heart garland across it - love the garland too!), the little mushrooms, and the box shelves you have up on the wall. Such loveliness!
    I'd really appreciate it if you wouldn't mind sharing where these are from. My email is natasha_higgins@yahoo.co.uk (but I live in Qld).
    Thank you so much and wishing you all the best for you and your family.
    Kind regards,
    PS. Your dream garden is AMAZING!!!

    1. Thanks for dropping by Natasha, I've just sent you an email! x

  2. Beautiful Garden Anna!! My kids really enjoy our vegie patch and chickens!! Its really worth the hard work that goes into a vegie patch! We grow nearly all our veg, herbs,eggs and some of our fruit! Have got ten new fruit trees being delivered soon! Makes me happy knowing whats going into my little peoples bodies!
    Sarah Alder

    1. Oh Sarah, your garden is truly amazing!!! I am in awe of how incredible it is, especially with your 3 little cherubs to manage! I'll definitely have to get some tips off you when it comes time to begin ours. Hope the fruit trees go well for you and produce loads of delicious, healthy goodness coming into the warmer months! xxx


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