Letters to Sage at 6 Months

Dear Sage,
Right now you are sitting up on Mum’s lap, slapping the keys of her laptop, having a wow of a time {quite a laugh you are!}  I can’t believe how fast you have grown; a baby, you are no longer! You can sit up on your own and you always want to be on your feet, you love your solids and a good chat. You look like a giant now against new born babies. You have left the sling and are now quite heavy to carry around town, as I realised only just yesterday. We love playing peek-a-boo together and you live for nappy off time.  You are ticklish under the arms and you love lots of kisses. We love reading “That’s Not My Robot” and “That’s Not My Pirate” together and using silly voices.
I love you darling. You’re the most precious thing in the world to me; you and your Mum obviously!
Happy growing.
Love now, always and forever,
Dad xoxo

Dearest Sage,

I know it is completely clichéd, but I truly cannot comprehend how quickly the last 6 months have gone. Even though you’ve only been a part of my life for such a short time, I cannot imagine my world without you. Our days spent together are delightful. You fill my life with rays of sunshine and your gorgeous smiles and enchanting laughter melt my heart… every single time.

You adore having baths {and chewing on your rubber ducky}, sitting up on your own, making noise, putting things in your mouth, drinking from a glass, having your nappy off, sleeping in the Ergo, giving ‘kisses’, playing with everything you shouldn’t, blowing bubbles and vibrating your lips, listening to guitar, reading touch-and-feel books, pulling your socks off, watching the mobile above your change mat, going to baby group, kicking your legs, eating porridge, dancing to music, having your photo taken, feeling silky textures, patting Rudi, playing instruments and standing up on your legs.

You’re not so fond of travelling in the car capsule, sleeping in your bassinet {through the day}, getting dressed, drinking from a bottle, lying down on your back, being away from Mum, eating breakfast, feeding from the left side or napping for more than 20 minutes at a time.

You weigh 7.94 kg and are 66.2cm tall. You have to most beautiful blue eyes and delightfully delicious thighs! 7.30pm is bedtime most evenings, however your nights are incredibly inconsistent - sometimes waking once, and other nights 3 or 4 times to be fed. Our day begins anywhere from 4.30am to 7am. You nap three times a day, but only in my arms and have three solid meals a day with breastfeeds in between. You make so many sounds and love to experiment with your vocal range {high pitched squeals are your new favourite} and you can say “Mum”. Amazingly you are on the verge or crawling, but have only rolled over once. You are constantly on the go.

You are snuggly but independent. You are reliant but strong willed. You are sweet but fierce.

You are so utterly fascinating.

I truly hope you know, with every facet of your being, how extraordinarily loved you are. My every thought, my every action is for you, striving for your pure, complete happiness.

Thank you for choosing me to be your Mumma - you have made my life so immensely full; more than I could’ve ever hoped or dreamed. You have given me the greatest gift, not only through blessing my life with your presence, but also by unveiling the incredible depth of my love for your Daddy. Seeing him and the way he loves you, only strengthens and intensifies my love for him, each and every day.

I love you more than words could ever express. I feel it in every fibre of who I am.

Forever yours darling Sage,

Mumma xxx

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