heart - Photo a Day, July

On the weekend, we discovered this divine piece of vintage gorgeousness at a nearby secondhand store and I fell instantly and insanely in love.

It stole my heart

It had me at "hello"

The spontaneity in me said

oh my...    I must own you....   my life will not be complete without you

{mentally arranging items in each drawer}

The sensibility in me said

wait...    hold off...     find the perfect spot at home first

{mentally scanning our home for its final resting place}

So we held off.

Just for a couple of days.

I couldn't stop thinking about its curves, its lines, its beauty.

Yes, it's perfect!



{devastatingly, not to us}

I'm still mourning the loss


Be spontaneous... not sensible!

Ever held off and regretted?

(Apologies for the dodgy pictures - taken with my ancient iPhone)


  1. I am a firm believers in these spontaneous acquisitions! Especially if something just 'clicks' right away, if it is different and not often available. Some of my best spontaneous buys have travelled with me from home to home - and there's been a few of those. Bad luck on this one - all the best with the next one xox

    PS. This is from Robyn (not sure how to make a 'profile') X

  2. Yes, usually if I love something I'll get it straight away, but as it was a 'bigger' piece, I questioned myself and shouldn't have! It's always these sorts of 'one off' treasures that mean the most xxx


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