What I'm Reading {Part 2}

what I will be reading!

Don't you just love it when the Australia Post van pulls up outside the front of your house? I sure do!

Package time!

Just recently I discovered Booktopia and fell in love. 16-books-in-the-shopping-cart-later, kind of love! Here are 3 of the treasures from the brown paper, bubble wrapped package of goodness that arrived on the doorstep today.

Down to Earth {recommended by the beautiful Katie from Grow.Cook.Sew.}
Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering {a loved library book during my pregnancy with Sage, I had to own a copy in case we are blessed with a "next time"}
Bloom {by my favourite blogger from Enjoying the Small Things}

According to their blurbs...

Down to Earth by Rhonda Hetzel -- encourages readers to find pleasure and meaning in a simpler life, sharing all of the practical information she has gathered on her own journey. Whether you want to learn to grow tomatoes, bake bread, make your own soap and preserve fruit, or just be inspired to slow down and live more sustainably, Down to Earth will be your guide.


Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering by Sarah J. Buckley, MD -- knowledge is power, and birth is power. In this groundbreaking collection of essays, internationally acclaimed birth expert Sarah J. Buckley, MD, empowers parents-to-be with enlightening explorations of what both ancient wisdom and current medical research tells us about birth and early parenting. Readers will gain a deep understanding of the physiology of normal birth (what Buckley calls "undisturbed birth"), and of what is lost when the birth process is treated as a mere medical event.

Meticulously researched, deeply humane and beautifully written, Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering helps thoughtful mothers and fathers build their knowledge of and trust in themselves, their babies, and the glorious dances of childbirth and parenting.


Bloom by Kelle Hampton -- from the outside looking in, Kelle Hampton had the perfect life: a beautiful two-year-old daughter, a loving husband, a thriving photography career, and great friends. When she learned she was pregnant with her second child, she and her husband, Brett, were ecstatic. Her pregnancy went smoothly and the ultrasounds showed a beautiful, healthy, high-kicking baby girl.

But when her new daughter was placed in her arms in the delivery room, Kelle knew instantly that something was wrong. Nella looked different than her two-year-old sister Lainey had at birth. As she watched friends and family celebrate with champagne toasts and endless photographs, a terrified Kelle was certain that Nella had Down syndrome - a fear her pediatrician soon confirmed. Yet gradually Kelle's fear and pain were vanquished by joy, as she embraced the realization that she had been chosen to experience an extraordinary and special gift.

Bloom takes readers on a wondrous journey through Nella's first year of life- a gripping, hilarious and intensely poignant trip of transformation in which a mother learns that perfection comes in all different shapes. It is a story about embracing life and really living it, of being fearless and accepting difference, of going beyond constricting definitions of beauty, and of the awesome power of perspective. As Kelle writes, "There is us. Our family. We will embrace this beauty and make something of it. We will hold our precious gift and know that we are lucky."

Can't wait to devour these delicious offerings. Enjoy!


  1. I love Sarah Buckley too! I have heard of Bloom and I hear it is very good. Happy reading! I need to get back into it.

  2. Yes, Gentle Birth was certainly my go-to book during pregnancy, especially when induction was being discussed and I wanted to delay as long as possible. Bloom is fantastic, I'm half way through. Have you seen Kelle's blog? She's a brilliant writer, very raw, emotional and HONEST! Finding the time to read is the trickiest part of all x


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