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No, not a photo of the weather, a photo of under the weather. My precious little Poss has her first cold {cue sad face}.

The last few days have been spent cocooned in the warmth and comfort of home while trying to soothe her sniffles, coughs and sneezes. And, I'll admit...

      each and every sniffle, cough and sneeze just breaks my heart.

I know, I know, it's just a cold, and over her lifetime we'll be faced with many-a-sickness, but this is her first and I simply adore this Little One and can't stand the thought of her suffering.

She struggles to breathe as she nurses, regularly unlatching to take in much needed gulps of air -- my little goldfish.

She struggles to breathe as she sleeps, regularly stirring and noisily wheezing through her congested nose -- my little pug dog.

But through it all, she still has giggles and she still has smiles -- my little trooper.

I'll also confess, there's not much that beats those 'I-just-can't-be-bothered-lifting-my-head-from-your-chest' snuggles together on the couch.

Over the past few days, our vapouriser has been our saviour. We put pure lavender oil in ours to assist with sleep and calmness and we've used saline spray to help decongest her nose.

How have you supported your little ones through sickness? I'd love to hear your tips!

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