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pink - Photo a Day, May

Sage is a girl! This we know for sure. And despite her having many pink and girly things, I am also trying really hard to incorporate items typically associated with boys into her day to day life.

We all know that gender biases continue to be rife in today's society. If I can do just a little to minimise this difference in Sage's very early development, hopefully the impact of life's future gender stereotypes may be somewhat lessened. Or at the very least, she will have acquired the confidence, preparedness and skills to deal with the 'real world' bombarding her with their image of what she should be as a 'typical female', thus allowing her the freedom to be true to herself and her own identity.

Here are some things in Sage's wish list folder {which seems to be growing by the day!} that I am hoping to purchase {or possibly some generous grandparents perhaps? hint, hint! :-)} which combine both 'girliness' and 'boyishness' elements. Personally, think they'd be beautiful toys for either gender.

And trust me when I say that's about 1/10 of her wish list folder {Yes, I have a problem!}

Dinosaur play sets from Bright Buttons Toys
Honeybake play sets from Amelie's Room  {currently on their way}
Magnetic letters from Three Little Owls
Rocking bird from Urban Baby
Magnifying glass and insect box from Send A Toy
Tool set and picnic hamper from Lime Tree Kids

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  1. Hi Anna, is there a toy library near you. I found it great being a member and now I'm the toy coordinator so getting to buy toys I love. If there isn't one nearby you could start one up. I could give you lots of contacts and it's a great way to keep working while not working! Love your selection by the way.


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