technology - Photo a Day, May

Here's a photo from the archives -- me completing a 4th year university assignment (probably Simon's!) on my parent's old faithful. I even changed the tones to 'sepia' to increase the olden-day impact!

It's incredible how quickly times change. It only seems like yesterday that I was sitting at this desk in Launceston, striving to get the best marks I possibly could, on very little sleep, with very little money. Actually those last two points are still very relevant in life today! Maybe life doesn't change that much!

I love that so many elements of what was important to me back then are represented in this photo - stubby holders from the Falls Festival that we used to rip the bottom out of and wear as wrist guards, (so you always had one on hand!), photographs of beautiful friends and my spunky boy, an invitation to a social event (probably Donna's awesome 80's aerobics party!), the smile on my face - young, fresh and carefree, curly hair (GHD's were unheard of and uncalled for!) and even that ugly exposed brick wall, my first taste of independent living- away from my family, and having the time of my life!

And spending WAY too much time at this place...

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