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a favourite place - Photo a Day, May

Lately Sage's sleep patterns have been -- how should I put it?...


Some nights she'll sleep through, others she'll wake 4 times to be comforted or fed. There's no telling what the night will hold.

For the first month of her life, she was unbelievably predictable. Like a miniature alarm clock, she'd wake at 2am and 5am    ON   THE   DOT.

It was truly amazing!

Then between months 2 - 3 she started sleeping through the night - bliss! Going down at about 7.30pm, I would give her a dream feed at approximately 10.30pm, and then she'd usually wake for the day at around 6am. It was heavenly. I honestly wondered what this whole 'sleep deprivation' thing was all about.

Not anymore!

I'd love for her to give me a little clue each evening as to what will come, upon the fall of dark.

Maybe 1 blink for "you can stay up late catching up on ALL of that reading you've been desperate to do, Mumma. I've got this sleep thing covered."

or maybe 2 blinks for "Mumma, as soon as my eyes close, you too should snuggle up for the night - while you can. It's gonna be a long one!"

Which leads me to my current favourite place -


A magical land of soft, velvety pillows that engulf your slumbering head like cotton candy clouds.


A cushiony nest of thick, downy doonas that cradle your body like a cozy cocoon of warmth and comfort.


A place of silence and solitude and rest that I appreciate now, more than ever before!

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