Sage vs. Broccoli

Each night as we chop our veggies, we've been handing over large chunks to Sage for exploration and discovery.

Hesitant at first, she looks... questioning... wondering... pondering.

Then she feels, trying so desperately to coordinate those sometimes sporadic fingers... grasping... examining... studying.

And then ultimately, she tastes... tentatively... then confidently... ferociously.  

Although we haven't yet introduced her to solids, we feel that this is simple way to enhance her interest in food and for her to become familiar with the particular flavours we will eventually be presenting to her.

What were the ways you introduced solids to your children? And what were the first foods you gave them to try?

Soon I'll begin stocking the freezer with my new, gigantic silicone ice cube tray, filled to the brim with delicious pureed goodness! I can't wait to try out lots of creative combinations to see what takes her fancy. I'll keep you up to date with our progress!

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