Holiday Bliss

For the past week and a bit, we have been spending loads of wonderful time together as a little fam while Si is on holidays. Admittedly, most of it has been spent just moseying around the house, keeping cosy from the winter chill, but it has been blissful all the same.

Sage and I miss Si very much while he is at work, but we are very lucky that he is usually home by 4pm most days and being a teacher too, his holidays are more regular than most, which we are so thankful for. Although I absolutely cherish my time at home with Sage and I wouldn't change it for anything, sometimes it's really nice just to have a little snippet of time to myself. And there's also that added bonus of seeing your incredible husband, playing with your beautiful baby, that just warms the heart and fills it to the absolute brim with pride and love.

Oh the love...

This little girl of ours certainly loves her Daddy. Her face glows when he walks in the door. The grins and coos begin. And I sit -- and melt!

Anyway, I've become side-tracked {I seem to do that when talking about my lovelies}! The whole point of this post was to show you our video of Sage's first trip to City Park, during our visit to Launceston this week. Be sure to watch right to the end to see Sage's new trick for the week. I hope you like it!

So without further ado...

Soon I'll be showing you some of the sweet purchases we made in while in Launceston, including one particularly fabulous bargain!

Until then, "stay warm, safe and dry" - my Mum's favourite saying, and now mine!


  1. I love your daughter's name. So pretty! And you're right - girls certainly do love their Daddy's. x

    1. Hi Anna! {fabulous name by the way!} Thank you for stopping by this little space of mine. Yes, she was Sage Mila Wren from the moment we discovered we had a little girl on the way. I've just popped over to you lovely blog {and added you to my list} and noticed your gorgeous daughter's middle name - Clementine was on my shortlist for names I loved. So beautiful! xx


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