As Promised...

In my last post I promised to show you some of the sweet goodies that I picked up while shopping in Launceston through the week. Yes, I know I have a slight "problem" - according to Si, but it ain't one I'm looking at changing anytime soon! Oh the joy it brings!...

This lovely Plan Toys wooden xylophone was purchased with our Lille gift voucher from our runner-up placing in their "share your kids room" competition. It creates a very sweet, subtle sound and Sage already loves tinkering on the keys {and sucking on the beater}! Image from Happy Little Hippos

I have a slight obsession with all things woodland at the moment as I have something special in the works {hint - it's in 7 and a half months time}. This melamine dinner set is by Sisi and Tommy from Makie G and knowing how interested Sage is becoming in food, solids won't be too far off, so why not present them in this cute little deer set! Image from Two Owls

Also from Makie G are these lovely Green Start books which are printed on 98% recycled materials and use only eco-friendly inks. We already had 'One Tree' in our collection so we added to it with 'Baby Animals' and 'In the Garden'. The series is designed to connect children with their environment and build their awareness of the natural world. Images from Innovative Kids

Each week we've been buying Sage a Schleich animal in the hope that by the time she is old enough to play with them, she'll have quite an extensive range! I used these animals daily in play based settings in my Kindergarten, and although on the more expensive side, I love how Schleich animals {and accessories} are incredibly realistic and are made from very durable materials. This week a wolf, a pogana lizard and a small mopane tree from Toyworld became part of our growing family. Images from Entropy, Modern Brands, and Toy Dreamer

And the best bargain of them all? We've been after a teepee for a little while now {that we will give to Sage for her first birthday} and we were hoping to find a very neutral, simple design. The perfect style fell into our laps while visiting The Palace {a most divine store} and get this - it was over HALF PRICE! Originally $150 {which is pretty good in itself}, we scored it for $70. I couldn't find an exact picture of ours by Ivory House, but it is very similar to the one pictured above. Image from Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva.

Also while at The Palace we put this whimsical little beauty on layby. Isn't she gorgeous? Image from Style Hive.

So there's {part!} of our recent haul. Have you bought anything utterly fabulous for your little one lately? I've love to here about your recent goodies. And please tell me your husbands disapprove of your excessive shopping habits as much as mine!


  1. Gorgeous purchases! I am glad you got a teepee Sage will adore it! Our girls love theirs they spend so much time having tea parties in it also it's a great place to hide (every time I vaccume) and I love to get in in with them for story time - we have fairy light in ours making it a bit more magical.

    thanks for the tip on the ferris wheel I have been after one for ages 'The palace' are all sold out but I found one the same online (couldn't get them anywhere 6 months ago) - same price, free shipping & its white!!!
    but shhhhh dont tell my hubby ;)

    1. Thanks Mel! Yes, we are so happy with the teepee. Now I just have to wait until her birthday before I can set it up! Fairy lights are a lovely idea.

      I'm so glad you found a ferris wheel. They are gorgeous. The girls will absolutely love it. Well done on the free shipping too! Can't wait to see a pic xxx

  2. Some great finds there! I really want a teepee for my sons room, we have various tents and things but teepees are so much cuter. x

    1. I bet Oliver would love one! It's tricky to find decent ones that aren't too expensive. I think we got a bargain! x


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