Heart-warming story time today with Daddy and...

 Nan-ma... J-ma... Nanna-J?

We still can't quite decide on a name for Simon's Mum, Jennie to be known as - in grandparent terms!

This has been a hot topic amongst our family for many, many months now and we're still no closer to making that all-important decision! Simon and I are both lucky enough to have all of our grandparents still sharing the world with us, so Nan, Nanna, Grandma and Granny are all {thankfully} in use.

Not that any of those names really suit Jennie anyway - she's one funky, hip gran-mama {and she'll be totally embarrassed by all of this - sorry Jen!}. At one point before Sage's arrival, Jennie came for a visit and Simon decided to search 'grandmother' in Google translate to try and come up with a unique and original name from a different language. The Spanish translation - "Abuelita" was by far our favourite, but probably not very practical!

I'm sure, in time, the perfect name will simply fall into place and we'll wonder how it even came to be. Most likely one of Sage's made-up creations!

Even though she is yet to be named, Jennie has more love for our darling little girl than we could have ever imagined. We are so constantly reminded how blessed we are to have such a loving, supportive family encircling our lives -- to share in both the big moments -- and the small moments like these.

How absolutely precious! xxx


  1. We are all indeed blessed aren't we! Very cute photos of precious Sage - there is no doubt that she is really reading...just look at that concentration and understanding of book language..and only four months old! Very lucky little girl! Trust dear Rudy not to miss out too - see his ear in the last photo! Thanks Anna and Simon for sharing Sage so lovingly. Abeulita aka G ma, J ma, Jennie xo

  2. Such a special time, lovely that you can share this time together so easily. Love to you all xx

  3. Just came across your blog. I see the Gruffalo there! A firm fave in our house. Sage is lucky to have such a loving grandma there, whatever you end up calling her! x

    1. Thank you for visiting Greer, I've just sent you a little email. Yes, The Gruffalo is certainly well read in our household! X


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