In the still of the unusually humid night air, I take refuge

      in the calm of my breath

      the solitude of my thoughts

      the solace of the familiar

Plagued by weariness, in the midst of sole-parenting while my love is away, the silence and serenity upon the fall of darkness is a welcome friend. The endless days, the palpable desire for a moment to just be, have this week infested lingering disillusionment... an insipid mind.

And so tonight, in the still of the unusually humid night air, I take refuge

in the calm, the solitude and the solace of knowing

that tomorrow is a new day


  1. Those days can be so long when there is just you to care for a little one. I'm glad you had a moment to yourself and take in the peace and calm of the night. I hope that tomorrow is a good day. Take care. xx

  2. Expressed so beautifully. I too have felt this - the waiting for night-time, and that desire to just be. I hope tomorrow is a most beautiful new day xx

  3. Beautiful words - Hoping your weekend is a wonderful one xo

  4. I too understand the count down til dusk when you're solo parenting. I hope your time alone was rejuventating. And I hope your beloved is back in your arms very soon. Take care lovely and rest :) x

  5. beautifully written. my husband often travels for work and silence is beautiful at the end of a long day.

  6. beautifully written ... your a wise mama x


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