Our Little One in LittleONE!

Today we are so very excited here in the Davis household, as the summer edition of LittleONE Baby hits shelves! The very lovely Jen of Jen Rayner Photography photographed our little family and Sage's nursery space for the issue and as anticipated, she was an absolute pleasure to work with. We instantly felt at ease in her presence and it was obvious that Sage did also, with grins, claps and excited chats throughout our entire shoot! Just recently we visited Jen and her delightful family at their beautifully restored, historic home in Hobart and had the most fabulous afternoon with her and her gorgeously vivacious children, James and Olivia. Thank you Jen, for capturing our family - simply lovely images that we will treasure always.

How very honoured we were to discover that Jodi of the divine space, Che and Fidel was threading the words to accompany our feature. Whilst in the early stages of my pregnancy with Sage, I happened upon Jodi's blog through a magazine recommendation and fell instantly in love with her family, her philosophy... her way. Che and Fidel is often a place I visit when a need for calm is required during the bustle of daily life. Her images and words resound with grace, poise and beauty and I feel truly humbled to have had her form our story about our life with, and love for Sage.


Be sure to pick up you own copy of LittleONE Baby to see many other delightful children's spaces - you're sure to be inspired!

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  1. oh, swoon... there is something so timeless about the colours in these images, really golden and warm. lovely! x

  2. Oh Anna these are just the most beautiful photos. I love the warmth and love I can feel in them, just gorgeous. x

  3. how pretty & so beautiful. such a lovely space for sweet sage. xo

  4. Such a beautifully designed nursery space! x

  5. beautiful, calm and peaceful ... x

  6. WOW!! How amazing is your nursery ... You have amazing taste!
    Ellen xx

  7. Ooh I'm off to the newsagency tomorrow morning first thing! What a gorgeous space you've created for your beautiful babe. And what a wonderful keepsake you will have. You are all just glowing with love for one another. WIshing you a gorgeous Tuesday.
    Steph :) x

  8. Oh Anna! What a stunning Nursery! You've truly done a wonderful job! And I'll be looking out for that edition... I love that magazine and buy it everytime it comes out :) Sage is one lucky little lady to have such loving parents...

    I'm in the midst of changng Sunny's room. She's no longer my baby but a little girl - well so she tells me. She loves to read books so I want to make areading corner for her.

    What was your inspiration for Sage's room? Apologies for the essay...

    Sophie xo

  9. I absolutely love the nursery you have created for your little Sage she is one lucky babe

  10. Just catching up on your Posts Anna - this is absolutely beautiful! So perfect for that gorgeous little girl of yours. That 3rd photo is stunning! Mel xx

  11. What a truly beautiful nursery...perfect for sweet dreams and nursery rhymes, giggles and cuddles too.

    Thank you for visiting my little space...I hope you return sometime soon!

    Ingrid x

  12. What an amazing room you have created! So beautiful and lots to look at and keep her entertained.
    Just been reading through your blog, good luck on starting back at work. Definitely blessed to have your ma and husband to look after your little one. May make leaving her a tiny bit easier.


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