||  swooning over this

        ||  watching this and this

        ||  loving this community {and their monthly content bundles}

        ||  wondering if I can get away with this and this, considering the time of year...

        ||  and hoping that soon it will be warm enough to slather on this

        ||  writing in this

        ||  borrowing this from my brother {purely for sleep - or lack of - insights!}

        ||  continual love heart eyes over this

        ||  dreaming of this

        ||  yay for this {so well deserved Amber!}

        ||  excitedly awaiting the arrival of this {with a mama-daughter photoshoot to come}

        ||  making this

        ||  storing this and this in the gift cupboard

        ||  reading this {beautiful, inspiring and AD-FREE!!}

        ||  playing with this, this and this

        ||  hoping the birthday fairy will bring this {are you reading Si?}

        ||  nodding along to this

  {the THIS list - recording my monthly musings, simply}

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