Oh my word, sweet little Fox. 
Happy half birthday! 

The past two months have been HUGE for you in terms of development and yet you've taken it all in your easy-going, ever-so-smiley stride.

You've gone from sleeping to non-sleeping {and thankfully back to mostly sleeping again!}, non-verbal to verbal {in your own, special little way}, rolling to sitting {and even beginning attempts at crawling} and from quiet to LOUD {usually in relation to whatever your sister is or isn't doing}.

The dawning of each new day sees you awaken beside me - beaming almost brighter than the sun itself. And those eyes? They hold galaxies and oceans and infinite curiousity.

Every fibre of my being bursts with the knowing that you are mine and that I am yours.


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  1. He is all sorts of perfection!! How is he 6 months already though??? Would absolutely LOVE a co-sleeping post if you have time as we are having Harry in our bed because it is the only place she will sleep xxx


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