Having recently emerged from the forth trimester haze, with post-partum hair loss, weak nails and hormonal, teenage-like skin dropping by to celebrate the occasion, I thought I'd put together a little summary of our most-used {and adored} baby items since Alby's arrival.

We know that all babies really need is a whole lotta milk, a whole lotta warmth and a whole lotta love, but what about those small added extras that make those newborn months a whole lot more comfortable?

Here are my picks, clockwise from top left {hover over product name for links}...

ONE  -  Bonds Short Sleeve Bodysuits  -  I am fastidious about the children wearing singlets all year round, however, with the copious amounts of snuggles a newborn receives, inevitably they come loose and ride up as they are passed from family member to friend. Which is why I always add one of these bodysuits on top as an additional layer, ensuring sweet little backs remain warm and covered. Plus the envelope-style neck opening and soft cotton ribbing make dressing a cinch.

TWO  -  Aden and Anais Wraps  -  After using these muslin cloths so religiously with Sage that they literally became thread-bare, a new set was at the very top of my essentials list when we discovered we were expecting a little boy. Their larger size means they are perfect for not only swaddling your baby, but also as a capsule cover, play mat, comforter or for discreetness while breastfeeding {if you're into the sort of thing!}. This time around we chose the 'Into the Woods' design {here} as it included a ridiculously sweet fox print for our little Alby Fox.

THREE  -  Ergobaby Swaddler  -  I could mention that these swaddles allow baby's legs to remain in the ergonomically correct 'frog leg' position {as recommended by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute}. Or I could mention that the arm pockets secure baby's arms in the 'hands to heart' foetal position, rather than being uncomfortably pinned to their sides. Or I could mention their convenient leg pouch which allows for easy access during night-time nappy changes. Or I could mention that they made from the softest of cottons, can be used in all seasons and are virtually escape-proof.  But I think the fact that Alby slept his first night through whilst wearing one, really says it all!

FOUR  -  Sheepskin  -  The most comfy place for baby playtime, full stop!

FIVE  -  Beauty and the Bees Honey and Herb Botty Butter  -  This miracle cream not only works wonders on soft, delicate skin, it also smells good enough to eat! Made from a blend of organic nut and plant oils, I can breathe easy knowing there are no harmful chemicals being absorbed into Alby's skin and it clears up any signs of nappy rash in a jiffy. {Oh, and it's made in Tassie too!}

SIX  -  Ergobaby Wrap  -  There are no words that would ever speak adequately of my love for our wrap! Admittedly, before Alby's arrival, I was slightly daunted by the prospect of transitioning from one child to two. I often questioned - how would I juggle my time between a very active toddler and a newborn, ensuring both of their needs were being met throughout the day? However, from the moment I slid Alby into the wrap during his first week earthside, all of my worries were allayed. In it, he was safely cocooned to my chest with the familiar rhythms of my heartbeat lulling him to sleep in a instant {which still happens to this day, 7 months on!}. The wrap gave me the confidence to continue on with life as usual, managing the everyday with ease and comfort {and two hands free!}.

SEVEN  -  Storksak Sofia Nappy Bag  -  Yes, a completely indulgent purchase, however with daily use, this buttery-soft leather satchel is like heaven on a handle and, in my opinion, worth every. single. cent.  I bought mine on sale from here.

EIGHT  -  Nuna Leaf  -  This streamlined, elegant rocker was so wonderful in those early weeks as it allowed me to spend short periods of one-on-one time with Sage {often playing a game or doing a puzzle} whilst Alby lay contentedly beside us - at eye level and within arms reach. The motion of the swing mimics a leaf floating gently on the breeze {hence the name} and also a mother's characteristic hip sway in late pregnancy. I would never have paid full price for this item {we purchased ours second hand, but still in perfect condition, for a quarter of the retail price}, however with its convenient, lightweight frame, its stylish design and its wash-ability, I am certainly glad we stumbled across it!

Aside from the obvious, what is the number one baby product you couldn't have lived without?

Up next, I will begin featuring my top 8 baby play items, giving you some ideas of things to include when creating a baby play space of your very own {read more here} or perhaps provide you with some thoughtful gift ideas in the lead up to Christmas {yes, there's that word again!}.

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