My husband Simon is a planner...

a planner with a touch of 'dreamer' thrown in for good measure

For as long as we've been together, I have looked on as he jots and reviews and then jots some more - list after list... after list.

And these lists?

They are not limited to the simple, regular "to-do" kind  AND  they are no longer confined to the innermost pages of his diary, oh no.

On any given day, upon opening the 'notes' feature on our iPad, I am bombarded with...

wish lists,


holiday plans,

money making schemes,

house renovations,

property potentials,


car modifications,

garden preparations,

school fee comparisons,

career options,

bucks weekend shenanigans,

fitness pursuits,

camera evaluations,

financial tips,

children's story plots,

gift ideas

wood work projects

and retirement possibilities,  just to name a few!

But my personal favourite?

"Simon and Anna's Life Plan"

as well as

"Simon and Anna's Life Plan - REVISED"

{Funny, as this aforementioned "Anna" hasn't actually been privvy to any such "life plan" planning}

So, being the avid planner/dreamer/list-maker that he is, you won't be surprised to hear that Si also has an extensive "baby name" list. A list which features both the unique and the obscure, the familiar and the conventional {as well as potential sibling names to match}.

Therefore, as it came time to consider an identity for my increasingly rounding belly, just a few months ago, I knew we'd be destined for some lengthy discussions.

Simon's baby naming theory? Poetic and whimsical for girls, short and strong for boys --

That, at least, we agreed on!


In my sixteenth week of pregnancy, during a routine scan, our obstetrician declared that we were expecting another little girl - a gorgeous sister for Sage - and we were completely thrilled! Having never had a sister myself, I began dreaming of girly tea parties under weeping willow branches, giggly sleepovers lasting well into the early morning hours, clothing, shoes and secrets shared...  sigh!

In the days following, we compiled a short list of favourite names for our blossoming baby 'girl' and agreed on one quite quickly, just as we did when naming Sage.

I gathered the pink baby clothes from their labelled boxes in the attic and began sorting the 0000's and the 000's from the rest, reminiscing all the while. Folding and sorting and refolding some more, just so happens to be one of my favourite pass times while awaiting the homecoming of a new and precious bundle.

Arriving at my nineteen week scan, a few weeks later {on my own as Simon was minding an asleep Sage}, the ultrasound technician questioned whether or not I knew the gender of our unborn. Excitedly I exclaimed that we were expecting a little girl, to which she replied "who is your doctor?". Upon naming him, she said "well he's actually been getting a few wrong lately. Just last week we had a lady who was having her fifth baby. With four boys already, she was delighted to hear that she was finally anticiapting the arrival of a little girl... only she wasn't... he was wrong. Let's double check that first shall we?"...

And upon double checking, instantly she could see that our 'she' was actually a 'he'

And instantly, although shocked, I was just as thrilled!

Simon and Sage were now in the waiting area, and as I emerged through the door, Si immediately knew that something was up.

"Twins?" he questioned with raised brows.

"A boy!" I replied.

And instantly, although shocked, he was just as thrilled too!


It didn't take us long to realise that our perceived thoughts on a 'short and strong' boy's name were wildly different. Si insisted that my suggestions were too "out there", whereas I found his too "old fashioned". My love of Aspen was crushed by his associations with 'aspirin' and his adoration of Basil had me cackling at thoughts of becoming that known family with all of their "herb children".

In the months following, we finally negotiated our favourites - Archer Fox for me, Alby Oak for him - and amazingly, as we both quite liked one another's preferences, it didn't take us long to agree that this babe would be the 'Archer', and the next, if ever we were blessed, would be the 'Alby'.

Sage began referring to my tummy as "Baby Archer" and didn't hesitate in telling the world. We did, however, receive many questioning looks as they mistook her 21 month old toddler speak for "Arthur", while my dad thought we were naming our son "Otter"{which I quite like, now that I think of it!}.

As my belly swelled, so too did our hearts for our sweet unborn. In the blink of an eye, "Baby Archer's" due date had arrived, and unsurprisingly, passed us by. And in that time, the old 'you buy a new car and suddenly you see them everywhere' became my reality.

'Archers' {and 'Archies'} began popping up all over my Instagram feed, were featured amongst my favourite blog and magazine reads and were skyrocketing up the popularity charts. It's what friends of friends {of friends} were naming their babies and, hence, they began frequenting the birth notices in our local newspaper. Suddenly, every second person knew of someone called Archer and, despite still adoring the name, I didn't adore its new found popularity.

At around ten days 'overdue', I broached the name change with Si.

"I'm not so sure I want to call him Archer anymore..."

Simon thought I'd gone mad and that it was just the 'hormones talking', I thought I'd have a task on my hands convincing him of this last minute change of heart, but when I suggested his original preference of Alby, it only took him a few days to get used to the idea.

And now that he's here, we couldn't imagine him as anything else!

Alby;  noble and bright


  1. Absolutely loved reading this Anna. And as a list maker myself, I could totally identify with your husband. My laptop is full of lists that have been revised many times too!

    1. Thank you Joelle! Oh I think this list fetish will last a lifetime! x

  2. Yep, I'm a list maker too. On the laptop, on my phone and iPad. In my school planner and personal planner. It's lists a go-go with me! It was great reading the story behind Alby's name - I've always been curious about people's names and the stories behind them. Whenever I ask my mum about my name, she always says she picked it because she liked the sound of it and I always wished there was more of a story to it!

    1. I have to keep my lists all in one place Naomi {usually my phone} as my OCD would get the better of me - too many scattered thoughts if they were in all differnet places! Go you for being so organised! There's no story behind my name either - I was going to be 'Erin' or 'Gabrielle' or 'Keeley', but I'm glad they chose Anna! Do you have a middle name? x


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