the THIS list ~ July

        ||  making this

        ||  watching this

        ||  pining over this

        ||  mesmerised by this

        ||  reading this

        ||  following this {featuring another little Sage}

        ||  gifting this

        ||  swearing by this {and this}

        ||  visiting this

        ||  shedding tears over this

        ||  envisaging this

        ||  remembering this

        ||  swooning over this

        ||  honoured by this

        ||  saving for this

        ||  daydreaming about this

        ||  hopeful for this

  { the THIS list - recording my monthly musings, simply }

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  1. I just ordered the canopy from número 74 a few weeks ago. I don't know where it will live in our humble home- just that it was a must have. Beautiful list Anna. X Ashley


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