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With the peak of winter upon us, as Daddy reluctantly heads off to work each day, we've been spending more and more time in front of the blazing fire with the doors of our home shut tight. Collecting the wood and stoking the coals is a ritual we happily share. While the temperature outside barely reaches double figures, we've been filling our days with puzzles and cubbies and make-believe and satisfying our bellies with hearty, comfort food upon nightfall. The snugness of wool-lined moccasins is too much for icy toes to resist, as is the lure of a hot water bottle and an early bed-time.

Rarely do we venture outdoors through the day - only if necessity strikes - and even then, we scurry along, reluctantly avoiding our usual explorations and natterings along the way. As we walk, I've come to notice the deepest scents of the earth emerging after rainfall and the grass at each of the homes we pass, transforming to a luminous green. Upon homecoming, Sage's flushed cheeks are endlessly kissed and Alby's rosy nose nuzzles in close.

Through the depths of this season, the need for layer upon layer of toasty clothing is inescapable - especially for little ones, who are more vulnerable to winter's chilly grasp. Soft cotton singlets, wool-infused thermals and the thickest of socks do wonders, warming from the outside in. But for those sweet outer layers, the ones that meld cuteness with snugness and practicality with comfort, here are some cosy winter time finds for your littlest ones, from Target...

Winter time layers for little girls...

Charlotte wears white quilted jacket  {available in-store}  //  metallic striped leggings

Charlotte wears knit cardigan  //  'merci' long sleeved tee  //  glitter leggings {available in-store}

Charlotte wears everyday knit cardigan  //  blue floral leggings  {available in-store}

Alby wears Geo Indian two piece set {available in-store}

Alby wears vintage garage cars print top  //  vintage garage relaxed pants

{A special thanks to my dear friend Mel for allowing me to photograph her darling Charlotte}

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