Alby // 4 Months

Sweet Alby, I write this update as you are spread across my lap, feeding for the umpteenth time today - such is life during the post-immunisation lull. As I glance down, I marvel at how much you've grown in these past two months. You are SO long and so big now, that it's difficult to comprehend that you arrived into this world only four short months ago. While we are nestled together in this rare moment of still, I let my eyes wash over you - soaking all of you in - knowing that your sister will career through the door at any given second, demanding endless kisses and cuddles!

I clasp your dimpled fingers between mine and caress your deliciously soft wrist rolls. Gently, I trace your barely-there eyebrows with my fingertip and fashion you the mini-est of mohawks with the very little hair gracing the top of your head. Your navy, skateboard-adorned t-shirt {a hand-me-down from sweet Owen} makes me smile, if only for it's complete and unmistakable boyishness. The remnants of banana embellishing your pants are a telling sign of your already rampant appetite and despite the fact that I am most certainly not ready for you to begin your 'eating' journey, you seem to have other ideas.

Despite only just waking from your afternoon nap, your eyes are now closed once again. With your tiny hand clutching my chest and your breaths becoming long and steady, I will savor every second of this sweet, sleepy you.

{Alby at 2 months}


  1. Wow time is really passing so quickly. What a beautiful post for a son from his mama. He is long isn't he!? Happy four months Alby. x

  2. I love the video! And your sweet words to your dear son! You guys are so cute! :)


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