Sage's 14 Month Video {& 15 Month Photos}

Somehow I've managed to fall an entire month behind in posting your video and photo updates, but this week, "the catch up" is at the very top of my to-do list! Despite the busyness of life, I still love taking snippets of time in the quiet of the evening to compile and edit moments - both the memorable and the mundane - and to reflect on just how quickly you are developing and growing before our very eyes. Even while sorting through {the 1000's of} images and videos from just the past month, I can see incredible changes to your independence, your understanding and your personality.  You amaze us every single day! Your Daddy and I often look at one another and shake our heads in wonder as you master new skills and attempt unfamiliar words and sounds {even if your favourite phrase at the moment is "no more" every time we are about to start eating!} I know we are probably a little biased, but we think you are the cleverest, most beautiful little girl we have ever laid eyes on!
Here are your adventures as a 14 month old...



  1. I love how Sage's personality comes through in every photo. She is infectious. XX

  2. Oh Anna! She is just too adorable for words! I love these snippets of Sage that you share here with us. I understand about being biased - I'm a bit like that when it comes to the love of my life, Sunny :)

    Sophie xo

    P.S. I love the choice of your songs also - Sums up everything about your love for dear little Sage!


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