13 for 13: Herbs & Spices

Our herbs and spices have been stored in disarray ever since we renovated our kitchen a few months years ago {my goodness, has it really been that long?!}. Between then and now, I became distracted by the growing, birthing and raising of Sage and so only recently, when I listed my 13 for 2013, did the motivation finally strike to change our chaotic, uninviting 'system'.
Jars were purchased, as were some sweet pantry labels, and our earthy-toned condiments had a new home in no time at all...

Despite taking up a lot more space in the cupboard, I adored the ease of access and couldn't help but smile at the complimentary hues all lined up, side-by-side on the shelf. In fact, I was so taken by the fresh, clean aesthetic that I decided then and there to completely overhaul our entire pantry, in hopes that one day, it may look remotely similar to those I so long for. With husband and child in tow, op shops and discount stores were busily scoured until our car boot was brimming with glass canisters of all different shapes and sizes.
At home, we set to work; pouring and sifting, labelling and placing. Along the way, we scrutinised 'used by' dates as well as our food choices; endeavouring to be more mindful of our wholefood journey. Supplies were positioned to ensure the healthiest options were always within view and most easily accessible, with the less wholesome options placed out of sight, in hard-to-reach locations.
We still have a long road ahead in the quest for filling our bodies with the less processed and less refined, but surely having a pretty, organised pantry is a good motivator, right?!

Tell me, which herb or spice do you use most regularly? For us, coriander is our staple - especially during the warm, summer months. We put it, fresh from the garden, in pretty much everything. Also, Si adores a sprinkling of oregano on top of tomatoey, home made pizzas.


  1. SO PRETTY! You have completely inspired me to do something just as gorgeous when we do our kitchen reno - love, love the labels!

  2. Oh what a perfectly delicious pantry! And who would have thought there was a shop just for jars!! Well done lovely...it really is the beginning of the wholefood journey. We love our cumin and garam masala. Easy peasy veggie curry with whatever is lurking in the crisper, lentils, coconut milk and tinned tomatoes. We have it with a mixture of brown and wild rice and the babies mow it down. Oh and basil...fresh with tomatoes and shaved parmesan. Oh my x x

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    1. A very clever lady taught me how to create them ;-)

  4. I just followed your link to the jars...could you tell me which size you chose for your herbs and spices?? Your pantry must look sensational. Those stickers are lovely too.

    1. Hi Michelle, we purchased the 150ml size {approx. the same size as baby food jars} x

  5. You have a pretty pantry. Glass jars make for wonderful storage in the kitchen as well as around the rest of the house.
    A favourite herb here is thyme- perfect in soups, stews and pizza.

  6. I've been buying my fair share of glass jars too! Now for the stickers... At the moment I play the guessing game when it comes to smelling herbs and spices from my un-labelled jars. I must say I'm getting pretty good at it!

    Sophie xo

    P.S. I love the jar collection.

  7. I love your labels!
    I have been collecting jars for ages and am slowly, slowly transferring everything.
    All of my baking supplies are now in pretty containers but I am still working on the spices.
    I think purchasing those labels would motivate me to finish the job!

    As for herbs...fresh basil and coriander are staples here and cinnamon is used pretty frequently too!

  8. Basil and rosemary. Not sure if it because both are growing so well in my herb garden, but I cannot live with out these two.

  9. This looks like a little bit of heaven to me! xx

    I'm always stocking up on paprika - especially in winter, I've got a great chicken casserole I make with it (plus lemon, garlic, olive oil), it makes a brilliant kind of stock/soup at the end (you can thicken it, but I kind of like that it's like soup). What's more, you can just pop it all in a casserole dish in the oven, leave it for half an hour or so - cook some rice or couscous or mashed potato & veg and it's all done! Great for a mid-week meal! :)

  10. What a stunning pantry Anna, I love those labels, so very pretty. I too overhauled my pantry this week too as it was desperately in need of attention. Yours is just beautiful though with all your lovely glass storage jars x

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