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Beauty lay waiting... silently anticipating the slowing of my hurried feet,
                                                                   the calming of my meticulous fingers,
                                                                   the clarity of my crowded mind.

Biding its time, beauty graciously surrendered to the bustle at the fore
and with a dignified smile, she rested, knowing that, in time, her true magnitude would be unveiled....

unveiled with your unveiling.

Upon your dawning, my eyes were awakened. Subtlety gave way to luminosity and the world's vast canvas revealed more colours and light and splendour than I could have ever dreamed. I found beauty in every crevice, each expanse; its allure pure and captivating.

With you, came a beauty-filled life.

My heart holds no boundaries, nor does my mind fathom a moment without you here

My love for you is infinite... endless

Like the ocean

All images courtesy of the extraordinary Tim
Sage is wrapped with love in the Simple Silk Sling in Fig by Sakura Bloom


  1. Beautiful captures in such a beautiful setting.

  2. These are so unbelievably gorgeous! Love every one!

  3. Such a beautiful post - you weave together your words so poetically, the meaning they unveil is captivating Anna. Gorgeous photos of you and your darling poppet too xx

  4. Breathtaking images and words beautiful soul! I adore it all...as I do you. Wishing you magic times with your angel baby :) xx

  5. Just gorgeous, you two are a delight together... xo

  6. What beautiful pictures Anna... Ones that you and Sage will cherish forever and ever. Lovely words mama dearest.

    Sophie xo

  7. the look on sage's face in these photos is just divine. such beautiful words and photos x

  8. Wow - you are just so beautiful and these photo's are divine. I adore the first black and white of you and your cutie pie looking to the waves. You are just gorgeous. xx

  9. Oh Anna your beautiful words brought me to tears. What a magical love you share with your Sage.
    Elle x

  10. Absolutely divine Anna, both words and pictures. x

  11. Loved having you guys up with us :)

  12. such beautiful images capturing so much love .... your words are magical x

  13. Such stunning pictures! Beyond beautiful xx

  14. The love in yours and Sage's eyes is breathtaking. My eyes could not leave the page. x

  15. Beautiful, beautiful images. (I hope you have one printed and framed).

    My little Nora has that same top, so cute!


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