18/52 {The Pouty Edition}

A portrait of my little wren, once a week, every week, in 2013
Sage - sitting on the Town Hall steps, I can see a future glimpse of your potentially attitude-y teenage self!
Despite spending the week in Sydney, I managed a quick peruse of my new friend, Tara's space over at River Nest and had a giggle at her sneaky, little sweetheart, Ba'il, devouring his Daddy's fishing bait! {T'was lovely to meet you beautiful lady. I can't wait to hear of your darling bubba's name in a few months time after our entertaining taxi conversation!}
{The 52 Project inspired by the ever lovely Jodi}


  1. Oh Anna! I'm having an early taste of the attitude-y teenage years with Sunny and she's only 4! We're going to have a lot of fun I think :) Hopefully by that stage we will both have learnt a few lessons in respect for one another and patience...

    Sophie xo

  2. Ha! A baby version of teenage Duck Face. So gorgeous.

  3. A bit of attitude but still adorable!

  4. those big blue eyes! she is such a beauty anna x


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