The Little Artist

As the sun began making its descent on our Easter Sunday afternoon, one wee girl proudly sat; an invitation to create placed before her. Haphazard strokes and criss-crossed swirls quickly took form, etched with sweet-smelling wax. The tiny artist, although unperturbed by her carefree designs, cradled her delicate canvas with the greatest of care. Her invisible patterns were soon revealed in all of their brilliance after a short immersion in a vibrant, naturally-hued wash. Luminous in the lowering sunlight, her creation gleams with sparkling residue; placed, as in life, by the side of her mother's.

An unveiling, a renewing... the true meaning of Easter.

Sage creates with the Nature's Magic Egg Dying Kit care of Boodle and Bear. Made from fruit and vegetable powders, these dyes are both natural and edible, perfect for the mini artiste in your world.

Over the coming months I will be featuring more eco-friendly art supplies from Boodle and Bear's delightful range. However, in the meantime, why not head over to their facebook page and give them a "like" to keep up-to-date with their latest products and fantastic specials - be quick, there's a sale on now!

Sage wears top by Fox and Finch


  1. so sweet! i am off the check out boodle and bears range as i have not heard of them before. i love sage's little bunny tee. x

  2. Oh how delightful! Such a lovely world you are creating for your little wren :) x


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