If ever you have been lucky enough to stroll Penguin's main thoroughfare, passing quirky cafes, an old-style barber shop and a giant replica of the town's name-sake, you're also sure to have immersed yourself in the quiet, warm cocoon that is Nest. You enter its ochre door with salt in your nostrils and wind tousled hair, to be greeted with the friendliest smile by the most gentle of women. In mere moments you find solace; a calmness, a sanctuary. Mesmerised by the collections of beauty that fill every imaginable space, you let your eyes wander before deciding where to begin. You peruse slowly and with intent, soaking in every detail of the treasures placed so mindfully before you. A haven for both the handmade and the worldwide; for the local and the unique. Delicious scents linger, infusing the space and the mind, while indulgent conversation and indie tunes intertwine as melodies for the soul.

Nest is not simply a store, it is an experience...

For three years Nest has welcomed visitors from near and far, and so it is with a heavy, but excited heart that owner Nat announces that her little coastal retreat is for sale!

If ever you've dreamt of a blissful, seaside existence, in a quiet, quaint little town, filled to the brim with character and charm...

If ever you've imagined running your own small business, where you determine your working hours; where you are your own boss...

If ever you've entertained thoughts of nourishing and expressing your creative self, day in, day out...

then perhaps this is the most perfect opportunity for you?

yes, this is the actual view from inside the store!

To read more about Nat's decision to end her nesting journey, you can visit her heartfelt blog post here. Or if you are interested in the purchase of this incredibly beautiful and well-loved boutique, visit here.

{Oh how I wish it could be mine!}


  1. Oh I wish it could be mine also! Such a beautiful little nook. And such gorgeous images of it. Hope your week is grand lovely x

  2. You've captured it beautifully Anna, whoever ends up buying it will be very lucky indeed! :)

  3. how i would love to own a shop like this. if only there was surf nearby to make the husband happy... always the problem when married to a surfer x

  4. Oh Anna! I am moved beyond words...What an amazing portrayal you have put together of my little Nest! I actually feel very emotional after reading this...the words and the photos are just beautiful!!..Thankyou so, so, so much you gorgeous girl! xox

  5. Nest is fantastic, we all hope someone buys it who will continue Nat's vision for an unique store in Penguin

  6. Oh Anna, such truly beautiful words! I would love a little store like this all of my very own. One day that little dream will be realised as will a move to Tassie :)

  7. Dearest Anna. What a an awesome write up. I wish Nat well on her next venture wherever that may take her. Our inner voice knows what we want to pursue and achieve our purpose in life. I left full time work 6 months ago to follow my heart and what amazing people I have met thus far. Good luck on your journey Nat. Peace and prosperity Natalie ( Hobart).


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