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Her warm breath - still milky sweet, lingers delicately in the still of the afternoon air.
The tenderness of her soft kiss remains for only moments on my lips, but forever in my heart.
I am so delighted to be have been chosen to share tales from our baby-wearing days as part of the Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries, Volume III.

Each month, I join with six other incredible mummas from around the world, to photograph and journal a series of themed posts, to document our sling journey {while seven other beauties will be sharing their adventures through Instagram}. Favourite images from each 'diary' are then collected to represent our stories on Sakura Bloom's Pinterest page and ultimately a winner is chosen.

Over the past year I have watched in awe as participants from volumes one and two have compiled exquisite, soul-stirring accounts of their baby-wearing endeavours and how seamlessly they've embraced the sling as a natural extension of their being. I was so honoured to have been selected to join this amazing group of women, that I read and re-read my invitation to participate time and time again, not quite believing my eyes.

An incredible opportunity to keep my baby  my baby   for just a wee bit longer as we explore this great world with wonder, side-by-side.

I am so very excited to share this new chapter with you.

{Throughout the Sling Diaries, Sage will be wrapped snug in the Essential Linen Sling in Driftwood-Mint and the Simple Silk Sling in Fig}.

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  1. That's lovely Anna! I look forward to reading up on yours and Sage's journey...

    Sophie xo


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