These two...

she   picks beans and snow peas from our garden vines and together they share, crunching in harmony
he    hovers strategically beneath her highchair each meal - any unwanted, cast away food meets its peril below
she   looks for him from the moment she wakes and typically greets him with a giggle and a chat at the foot of our bed
he    often spends the day lazily snoozing in her nursery, slumbering in there far more than she
she   taunts and teases with tail pulls, animated pats and nostril interrogations; an evil cackle inevitably ensues
he    sits beside her, despite all of the above, and invariably ends up strutting away, irritated and vexed
she   shrieks with delight after time apart, lovingly kisses his fur and then tells him to "stop" after bouts of enthusiastic barking
he    has been oh so patient with his new little sister, and appears to have an understanding even greater than his {dog} years
she   adores him like no other - he's her best little pal, her childhood friend... if only the feeling was mutual!

Do you have a pet in your life? How did they adjust to a new little one entering their world?

Sage wears...  kaftan by Oobi {a delightful birthday gift} and ringlets from her mumma


  1. We have a gorgeous dog who dealt with the new baby thing incredibly well. Our boy terrorises her a bit but she is very sweet and gentle. They are starting to have a more loving relationship now that he is 2 and a half

  2. I love our furry companion. She copes surprisingly well when the small people in our lives come to visit, they play a delightful game of hide and seek. It mostly involves Elli the cat hiding ;) Animals are such wonderful, loyal friends!


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