Florals & Fritters

She sits snug inside her antique throne, rhythmically beating tunes of excitement upon its wooden top. Prepared with love, consideration and fresh garden greens, she curiously observes her unveiling meal. Along its journey, many ingredients are sampled, some met with pleasure, others a turned lip. An entree of blueberries and cheese, her fail-safe favourites, provides the perfect distraction whilst the warming frypan sizzles above. Placed just within reach, golden morsels make their way to her lips and are quickly devoured. Endlessly eager for more.

With delicate florals draping her body, her sweet, aproned bib becomes one with her vintage wears. Seamlessly they meld, offering protection from abandoned crumbs, stray drips and fervent hands - hands which usually are so quick to remove even the most resilient of garments. This delight however, remains unnoticed; a testament to its subtlety, softness and pure comfort. With such a stylish pinny, complimenting both her modern wardrobe pieces and growing thrifted collection, there is hardly need to remove it once meal time is complete. A beautiful extension to the everyday.

Sage eats...

Sage wears... vintage top - thrifted, and floral, reversible bib - care of the happy nest.
I first stumbled upon the delights of the happy nest  two years ago at an annual market held in my local town. Instantly, I fell in love with their beautiful, handmade wares - crafted by gorgeous Amy - a busy stay-at-home mother of two fabulous boys. Her eye for design and impeccable quality was undeniable. The most covetable, stylish fabrics were stitched and bound to create both modern and vintage-style pieces; pieces reminiscent of an enchanting childhood. Each one unique and flawlessly executed.
Over the coming month, the happy nest is generously offering Fields of Sage readers an exclusive 15% off their entire store when entering 'fieldsofsage15' at the checkout (excluding play tents). A perfect opportunity to indulge in a little something for the wee one!
My picks?  
:: I've had my eye on these gorgeous pants for a while now, especially since Sage has nearly outgrown her current, much-loved pair
:: this divine fabric alphabet can be colour-customised to suit your needs - educational, stylish and oh so sweet!
:: the car wallet would be brilliant for the little man in your life. It even includes a miniature road - perfect for trips on the go!
and these reusable sandwich wraps are the perfect eco-friendly alternative to plastic filled lunch boxes - great for the environment as well as the hip pocket
Offer ends on Friday, April 12th, 2013, so get in quick!
Visit the happy nest at their store here or their blog here. You're sure to find something you love!


  1. What a gorgeous apron! I love this stage when they are so willing to try everything. It's amazing how their little taste buds know what they like and what they don't. i used to have a babe that would try it all then that died down a little only to return now just as she's about to turn 5! "Will I like it mama?" she asks before she bites in... I think helping me with cooking has helped. Perhaps it's her sense of ownership - she made it, she knows what's in it and she's proud to eat what she made :) Now I'm off to take a peek at The Happy Nest :)

    Sophie xo

  2. Sage is so gorgeous! She has your eyes! I love when they're so eager to try and love new foods xx

  3. *Squeal* thank you Anna! Sage looks darling in the bib - look at those adorable little kiss curls in the last image! Looking forward to trying the yummy fritters around here, too - sound perfect with a salad for the hot weather we've been having. Thanks again for sharing the happy nest with your lovely Fields of Sage friends! Amy xx

  4. She is like a doll, Anna. Those eyes... I just can't get over it sometimes. And you with your photography! These are some seriously amazing shots xx

    Will be making these fritters soon :)


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