Sweet Treats | Little Luxuries

Some delightful Easter goodies for Mr Bunny to leave behind...



  1. ohhhhhhhhh so delightful! love! xo

  2. Oh you are so clever for finding these things!...I've had a sweet little set of wooden eggs pinned on etsy for a while and think i'll get them for sass' small easter gift...her vovo (grandmother) is sure to spoil her with the sweet stuff so i'll opt for a non-chocolate gift! x
    (ps. thank you for your sweet words on my childcare post....after her first long day at 'playschool' she just seemed cheerful - such a relief...although i did have a headache for most of the morning, brought on by crying so hard in the car park...what a dag!)

  3. Do they make those bunny slippers in grown-up sizes?! ;)


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