A Rare Day Out

We awoke on Sunday to be confronted by the most appalling weather - fierce winds whipping the window panes and lashing rain, too cumbersome for even the widest of guttering. The almighty deluge also delivered us heavy hearts, as the prospect of our planned day-out was seemingly dashed.

However in typical Tassie style, merely hours later, the sun was beaming down from its vast, blue expanse. Despite a slight chill in the air, a crispness that required knits and scarves and boots and coats, we set off on our little farm adventure...

The Rare Day Out was held at Mount Gnomon Farm {towards the back of beautiful Penguin}; home to Eliza, Guy and their hundreds of blissfully happy, free-range pigs! An afternoon filled with sparkling cider, curly tails, muddy feet, delightful friends and the most delicious pulled pork tacos.

Sage wears... coat by Bebe by Minihaha, pants by Pumpkin Patch, shoes by Walnut, beanie by Fred Bare



  1. Oh those little little piglets are so cute.
    It's nice to see all those happy free-range pigs running around.
    Lovely photos of your day out.

  2. I love your pictures! seems like you guys were having a good time and that little girl looks adorable :)

    Vintage Inspired Girls

  3. Looks like you've finally gotten yourselves a proper autumn over there... and it is so gorgeous. Happy you were able to enjoy a day out together! xx

  4. i bet sage loved the piggies! your photos are incredible!

  5. So cute! And that Mt Gnomon pork is the best tasting pork I've ever eaten! :)

  6. lovely, Anna! Where is your kitted top from? love the look of it! xo

    1. Oh thank you lovely Lisa... it was from Just Jeans, a few seasons ago x

  7. Aren't the little piglets adorable! We had a visit today from a little piggy, one of the children's mum bought it in to show us and let us all have a pat, all afternoon I listened to little piggy noises coming from little mouths!! So cute!


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